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Matthew McConaughey’s Amazing Weight Loss

Matthew McConaughey

Before and after shot of McConaughey

Most of us have at one stage or another tried some type of diet. Whether it was Zone, Paleo, Atkins, South Beach or whatever your line of food restriction, one things for sure they’re all outright difficult.

Yet one person who seems to have no problem dropping pounds or dieting is movie star Matthew McConaughey. The fitness fanatic is know as much for his shirtless runs and competing in competitive triathlons as he is for his appearances on the silver screen. Although it is his recent weight loss that has caused many to wonder if he has gone too far.

Matthew McConaughey

Recent picuture of McConaughey

McConaughey was set to lose 30-pounds for his role in 2013 film “The Dallas Buyer’s Club.” A film in which he plays the role of Ron Woodroof, a man suffering with HIV during the 1980s who smuggled HIV medicines into the United States.

Recent pictures of McConaughey show him looking extremely gaunt and almost unrecognisable.

In an interview with Larry King earlier this year, McConaughey addressed the weight issue. As he said at the time, “I should not look healthy by the time I am doing that film.”

When King asked how difficult it had been for McConaughey to lose the 15-pounds he had lost then, he responded, “it’s hard but the hardest part and then what makes it easy is you’ve got to mentally click. And I just kind of dared myself. I haven’t been this light since I was in the 9th grade. And I’m kinda looking at it like it’s a bit of a cleanse, spiritual cleanse, mental cleanse, and I’m drinking a lot of tea.”

McConaughey went on to say the most difficult part of the whole weight cut is the first ten days because, “it takes awhile for your body to understand that it has to feed off itself and that you’re not going to give it something else from the outside to eat.”

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