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Learning the Cast: Gymnastics Tips

These days it is common to see many people in the gym working on various bar skills, most common skills include pull-ups and bar muscle-ups. More often than not it stops there and the focus becomes, “how many bar muscle-ups can you do?”

We’re going to show you how you can progress yourself into a more advanced skills once you have mounted the bar. The Cast is the movement we will introduce today, not only is it a progression but it can also lead to bigger things.

To begin learning this skill you must have solid body control and be competent with your handstands.

Firstly we will begin in a front support on top of the bar, holding your body upright with your hips touching the bar.

– Next you fold at the hip, simultaneously bringing shoulders forward over the bar and bringing feet in front of the bar.

– Generate momentum by using heel drive and aim open up the angle of your shoulders.

Gymnastics tips learning the CAST Gymnastics tips learning the CAST

To begin learning this skill we would recommend you have a solid handstand hold on the floor as well as strong bar muscle-ups or glide kips.

– Start off small and then start to build up the height of the cast.

– Use a low bar (around chest height) and ensure you have proper matting on the floor when first attempting this skill. Ideally pop in to your local Gymnastics Centre.

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