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Key Power Tips on Staying Healthy in Life and Work

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Most people agree to the adage that health is wealth. Walk into any CrossFit gym and you’ll most likely find a large number of people who can vouch for this.

But despite this, many people forget amidst all the responsibilities in the office, home, or school, that without good health, they’ll struggle to get anything done. People argue that they don’t have the ‘energy or time’ to implement a healthy lifestyle, resulting in high-stress levels.

Finding healthy ways to destress is just one of the secrets to having a healthy mind and body. Read on for more tips to lead a healthy lifestyle despite your daily work and home responsibilities.

Eat wisely

Many working professionals complain that their fatigue at work makes it difficult to eat healthily. While it’s true that most workplace foods can be unhealthy, what’s crucial is to exercise self-discipline.

  • You can still eat junk food and other treats offered by office mates, but it’s essential to do so in moderation. On the other hand, you can also bring your snacks or order healthy snacks on SnackNation.
  • Choose healthy snacks such as nuts or granola bars which are available in a vending machine. You may also have fruits, healthy smoothies, or juices, which will let you feel full without giving you the sluggish effect of sweet treats.
  • For your main meals, ensure that you choose food wisely. As much as possible, never leave home without breakfast. Otherwise, prepare a meal to eat on the go.
  • Avoid eating at your office desk during lunch to give you that much-needed break, and to prevent overeating. At the same time, it will also provide you a change in scenery.
  • Avoid eating heavy snacks in the afternoon and keep a regular eating schedule in the evenings.

Stay hydrated

Keeping yourself busy at work can easily let you lose track of your water intake during the day. However, it is essential that you stay hydrated to keep your body and mind active as dehydration can make you feel drowsy and sluggish. Drink between six and eight glasses of water daily depending on your physical activity levels. Also, consuming fresh fruits is a helpful way to keep dehydration at bay.

Limit caffeine intake

A lot of office workers find it impossible to get through the day without coffee and other caffeinated drinks. Again, it is important to exercise moderation. Avoid excessive consumption by limiting yourself to two cups of coffee a day—one in the morning and another in the afternoon. If you can, try to limit or eliminate cream and sugar in your coffee to avoid excess calories.

Keep good posture while working

Many workers who use computers in the office find it a challenge to maintain good posture while staring at the monitor all day. It is easy to stretch the neck forward, placing pressure on the spine and neck, which can lead to neck and back pain. Perform desk exercises called chin retractions, which is done by making fake double chins repeatedly to support the muscles in the upper back and neck.

Take short breaks throughout the day

As much as possible, you want to finish work fast so that you can go home on time. But this doesn’t mean that you need to work straight for hours and not have breaks in between. Working straight for hours can make you mentally distracted while reducing your creativity. To keep your focus, ensure that you take a break away from your desk occasionally for a few minutes to let your mind rejuvenate.

Maintain good personal hygiene

The key to keeping a healthy body is this step. It is also crucial to practice good hygiene even at work, too. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer or body spray sanitizer near your desk, as it may not always be possible to leave your desk to wash your hands. With a hand sanitizer nearby, you can always address situations such as sneezing or coughing and avoid passing germs to your things and other people in the office.

Stay away from sick co-workers

Although this is common sense, many people forget this step. Keep away from co-workers who show signs of a contagious disease. If you’ve been around their workspace, don’t forget to wash your hands and prevent the spread of the disease. Likewise, if you feel sick, stay at home for faster recovery while also preventing your officemates from contracting your disease.

Deal with stress the healthy way

Your busy life can quickly get to you, and it is perfectly reasonable to feel tired mentally and physically at times. To get around this, you need to find healthy ways to manage stress and take life easier. The best way to do this is to do the things you enjoy most. Whether it’s as simple as spending time with friends and family, watching movies, playing your favorite sport, heading to your local CrossFit box for a workout, or crafting, the idea is to take your mind off the hustle and bustle of life and achieve a healthy balance.

Final Thoughts

Keeping yourself healthy will require effort. While it can’t be done overnight, you can easily incorporate certain habits into your daily life to achieve this. You will need a lifetime of commitment and discipline, but the benefits to your mind, body, and spirit are priceless. Practice the given tips above and enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

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