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Katie Hogan: A CrossFit Athletes Diet

I’ve been getting a lot of questions posted to my blog about what I eat and what kind of nutrition plan I follow. While I believe that each person needs to find what works best for him or her, I do see a great benefit in the sharing of information.

My current diet is performance-based and has been helping me see great results in the past year. Here is a meal-by-meal breakdown of a day in the life of my food.

A Day of My Meals:

Meal #1: Breakfast 8:00am — 2 scrambled eggs, with cheddar cheese, salt & pepper and a Kill Cliff

Katie Hogan Breakfast/Meal #1

Breakfast/Meal #1

Meal #2: Snack 11:00am — Evolve Foods steak sticks and a packet of coconut oil

Katie Hogan Snack/Meal #2

Snack/Meal #2

Meal #3: Lunch 1:00pm — ¼ lb beef brisket and ¼ lb pulled pork with some bbq sauce, and sliced gouda cheese with a scoop of Muscle Pharm Amino 1 mixed with water.

Katie Hogan Lunch/Meal #3

Lunch/Meal #3

Meal #4: Post Workout 3:30pm — 1 scoop Muscle Pharm Combat protein powder and 5g glutamine mixed with water.

Katie Hogan Post Workout/Meal #4

Post Workout/Meal #4

Meal #5: Snack 5:00pm — Muscle Pharm muscle gel and a packet of coconut oil

Katie Hogan Snack/Meal #5

Katie Hogan Snack/Meal #5

Meal #6: Dinner 7:30pm — spinach salad with Newman’s own olive oil and vinegar dressing, 5oz of pork roast and a mineral water

Katie Hogan Dinner/Meal #6

Dinner/Meal #6

Meal #7: Snack 9:00pm — 1 scoop Muscle Pharm Combat protein powder mixed with water

musclepharm Combat Powder

Meal #7 MusclePharm Combat Powder

Throughout the day I try to eat every 2-3hours and I make sure to get protein at every meal. I also try to drink water all day long. I carry two Nalgene bottles with me and continually refill one or the other so I’m never out of water when I’m out and about.

I also take a variety (exorbitant amount) of supplements throughout the day that help with recovery.

To check out a full list of the supplements Katie takes, check out her article here.

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