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Interview: Dawn Fletcher Mental Performance Coach

Mental preparation is a huge thing in the CrossFit world. Whether you are competing at the Home Depot Center in the CrossFit Games, or just getting ready for your first ‘Fran’ workout, it is important you have the right mindset.

In this years Regionals, we saw many athletes succumb to mental pressures. In Australia, we saw Amanda Allen (2011 Games Competitor) fail to complete the first round of muscle ups in the final workout, eliminating her from the competition. Allen did the workout two weeks before and had no problem with the muscle ups.

In the South West region we saw Matt Hathcock fail to complete the final workout, blowing a five point lead over Chris Spealler and failing to qualify for the Games.

Just like other sports, athletes need to have the right mental preparation when CrossFitting.

John caught up with Mental Performance coach Dawn Fletcher at the 2012 CrossFit Games to chat about how athletes prepare for an event like the Games, and what advice she would give newcomers to the sport.

To find out more about Dawn Fletcher’s services, head to her website by clicking here:

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