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Improve Your Strength by Changing Your Posture

increase strength by changing your posture changing posture

Poor posture can greatly affect the way you sit, look and feel. You may notice that when you spend a large amount of time sitting down, your back and neck ache out of what you feel is “nowhere”. This is due to poor posture that can lead to the straining of your spinal cord. Which is why it is important to practice proper posture whether it be through sitting, walking and all other daily activities.

The more that you become aware of it, the more you can correct your stance and build strength in areas that are weakened by poor posture. Check out some easy ways to get stronger, simply by adjusting your overall posture. You can also check some comfort shoe reviews at

Sit straight up!

As you sit in a chair, you may notice your back slouching and your abdomen sticking straight out. After just a little time, your back and neck may begin to feel sore and a little out of whack. Simply sit straight up, chin up and bring in your lower abdomen. Immediately, you will feel your shoulders pulled back and an easier way for your diaphragm to breathe deeply. If you sit at a desk all day, you will begin to see a change in how you type at the computer as well. Your shoulders will be more in line with your arms and put less strain on them as you type and move the mouse all day.

Stand and walk with purpose

Remember to keep your heads, shoulders and ankles all aligned in a straight line as you stand. When you walk, alternate your legs about hip width apart while doing heel to toe rotations with your feet. This stance will help with keeping your spine in place and encourage the pressure on muscle building rather than straining it. Even with running, an erected posture allows for faster and even glides that in turn, lessens your chance for running-related injuries.

Exercise and stretch daily

We all know that exercise is good for you overall, but it is also essential when correcting your poor posture. When you practice daily exercise, you strengthen all areas of your body, thus allowing you to properly engage muscles and posture. Also, exercising itself requires good posture to avoid physical activity-related injuries. Stretching before and after your workout can also greatly increase your flexibility and posture while reducing pain and soreness. Aim to exercise at least five days out of the week and stretch everyday. This will definitely help to ensure strength and alignment all over your body. Not to mention, both will prove to be good for your health and lowering stress levels. Plus, having great posture portrays a leaner body allowing you to look up to five pounds lighter. That alone, seems to be the healthiest and proven way to “drop” those pounds, right? Bonus!

Poor posture is very much like a bad habit. You have become accustomed to sitting or standing a certain way because it makes you comfortable. However, you are then forced to deal with chronic pain that can lead to even more worse symptoms as you age. You do not realize that you are actually doing more harm than good for your overall health. When you apply good posture, you allow every aspect of your body to be strong and keep yourself fully aligned. You will not be able to change your habit overnight, but you should attempt to achieve small steps along the way. With these three simple adjustments, you will notice a tremendous change in the way you look and feel. Your spine is crying out and asking you to keep it strong and healthy. Show it that you care by bettering your posture.

Written by Jane Grates

Jane is a biker, foodie, drummer, vintage furniture lover and javascripter. Working at the crossroads of simplicity and elegance to create not just a logo, but a feeling.

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