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How to Increase Circulation Throughout the Extremities

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Many of us suffer from circulatory problems. Whether due to a chronic injury, a lifelong condition or simply a sedentary lifestyle, this situation can lead to real health issues. Extremities that do not receive the proper amount of blood and oxygen are at greater risk of developing conditions such as gout, oedema and even clots (such as a deep vein thrombosis).

This is why it is critical to enhance the circulation throughout these areas as much as possible. However, what if you are unable to perform standard activities such as running or weight training? Are there any other ways in which you can get the blood flowing? Let’s look at four low-impact suggestions to keep in mind.


As the name suggests, hydrotherapy involves the use of water in order to perform movements and exercises. As water tends to gently massage the muscles and joints, this is also an excellent option if you cannot perform high-impact activities. Even the simplest of movements such as treading water in place will produce positive results over time.

Yoga and Stretching

These are another two options which are already practised by millions of individuals from across the globe. The main benefit with either technique is that your muscles will become more elastic over time. This helps to lessen the chances of sustaining an injury when performing daily tasks. Furthermore, both yoga and stretching will help to strengthen your core (the muscles around your abdomen and lower back). This likewise helps to improve circulation. However, it is wise to speak with a professional in order to determine which movements are the most appropriate as well as if any specific exercises should be avoided.

Professional Massages

We are all aware that massages are excellent ways to unwind after a long day at work. However, did you know that these sessions can also help to promote better circulation throughout your extremities? The process of kneading muscles will naturally cause more blood to flow to the specific area. Massages can also reduce the inflammation that may be associated with conditions such as oedema in the limbs. If you are interested in potential pain-relieving benefits, it could be wise to choose a massage oil with CBD. This cannabis-derived substance has been known for its analgesic properties.


Believe it or not, meditation can provide amazing results if practised on a regular basis. While you are indeed remaining quite still, the deep breathing exercises associated with this practice will help to strengthen the muscles around your heart and to increase your lung capacity. Thus, your extremities will benefit as a direct result. The good news is that even those with sever mobility issues can meditate each and every day.

Blood is the source of life, so it only makes sense that a more efficient circulatory system will help to keep us healthy. Please feel free to refer to the suggestions mentioned above and to consult with a physician in order to learn about your additional options.

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