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How to Combine Weed Into Your Workout Better

Box Jumps!

Box Jumps!

The University of Colorado Boulder, in their 2019 study, highlighted that around 82% of people reported that the weed flower boosts their workout as it makes it more enjoyable. How is that so? A weed flower consists of cannabinoids, mainly CBD and THC, that elevate your workout routine. Although different, these compounds activate the endocannabinoid receptors and deliver the euphoric feeling you crave while working out.

Benefits of CBD and THC

According to Patricia Frye (Cannabis Clinician), a marijuana flower’s main compounds, CBD and THC, are responsible for alleviating joint pain, muscle spasms, and soreness. They also increase focus and motivation to do physical activity as these cannabinoids relieve pain, relax muscles, and possess anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, they make sweat sessions worthwhile!

Different Ways to Combine Weed Into the Workout

These are the following ways to jack up the fitness routine:

  • Use THC if you lack the motivation to work out because your body will produce a cocktail of chemicals and deliver pure elation or a runner’s high.
  • THC’s pain-alleviating ability is perfect for those athletes who want to do long workouts as it will increase the endurance limit.
  • It is better to avoid your favorite flower while doing complicated workouts that require mental acuity and motor control because THC has its banes like poor balance and coordination and delayed reaction time.
  • It’s best to save THC for managing pain while doing long runs because it can cause addiction, or regular marijuana smoking can cause chronic bronchitis or other respiratory issues.
  • Start slow and look for strains with high CBD and low THC content because they will improve your workout without getting you high. Plus, opt for a vaporizer because it is safe and fast-acting, and its effects last only a few hours.
  • If you want to shoo away the muscle pain, stiffness, soreness, and inflammation after an intense workout, it is better to take CBD with minimal active THC. Preferably 20:1 formula is the best.

Benefits of Vaporizing Weed While Working Out

It is better to skip topicals and gummies because they take too long to kick in. However, vaporizing weed offers an odorless vaping experience that is fast-acting and is much safer for your lungs. If you are searching for cannabis vaporizers, you can visit a vape shop to invest in excellent, premium-quality weed vaporizers to vape before or after you work out. Its merits are as follows:

  • Although cannabis can make you feel relaxed, strains with more CBD and less THC content can uplift and motivate you to get up from your couch to go to the gym.
  • Vaporizing weed can vanish the joint or muscle pain away that is causing hindrance in your workout.
  • Since dry herbs are brimming with cannabinoids that have anti-inflammatory properties, they can effectively alleviate the inflammation in your muscles and joints to help you exercise better.
  • Muscle spasms can be extremely painful or bothersome, which can end your active lifestyle, which is why vaporizing weed can be very soothing.
  • Sleeping is crucial for the body to recover and repair so you can work out the next day. However, if you have insomnia or are unable to sleep, vaporizing cannabis will deliver its mellowing effect, and you will drift into a deep slumber.

Ending Note

So you see, combining weed into the workouts does improve physical performance, and vaporizing is the best method to kick-start your fitness regimen. Moreover, vaporizing weed possesses fewer carcinogens and does not put a strain on your lungs. Thus, it does not have more significant health risks than smoking.

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