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How to better learn and thoroughly understand the intricacies of Valorant if you are a beginner

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Valorant is a full-fledged session shooter that takes as a basis the well-known CS GO format from Valve and refines it with new features and ideas, but you should not think that the project from Riot Games is absolutely not original – because the general concept is 13 rounds instead of 16 was tested and then adopted by a new format – CS 2.

Basic moments

You will find competitive and casual matches that will determine your skill level and provide a Valorant rank boost.

You will follow a strictly specified number of rounds and game rules, in which two teams face each other in a series of games and must destroy the enemy, spike, or defuse him depending on the side played.

Unlike CS GO, in Valorant the division into two teams is not the only difference.

You will choose and buy not only your weapons, but also an agent with special skills.

It is important to be able to correctly combine characters so that they combine well with each other within the team, otherwise you simply will not be able to provide a stable Valorant Boosting.

The most powerful and meta agents, we will consider only strengths, not all skills


A lot of time has passed since the release of the agent, but the players greeted the hero neither coldly nor warmly, but simply ignored him and did not even add the character to any of the meta.

But everything changed during the reworking of the hero from developers from Riot Games. They simply added full-fledged smoke, which allows you to temporarily block the view of one of the directions, or the moment of setting the spike and the percentage of character selection increased again for the sake of Valorant rank boosting.


One of the best and most common heroes to pick during most matches simply because of his ability to do full reconnaissance and deal heavy damage with ranged weapons and arrows.

You simply use your bow, draw an arrow, and release it at whatever surface you want to lock it onto. When it reaches the target, you will have access to visibility in all directions until the end of the skill’s duration, or the destruction of the object.

The ultimate skill will be the ability to draw a reinforced arrow and cause fatal damage to any player if you hit the target with it.


This is a hero who can hold back most opponents and make their progress slow and dangerous through traps and robots. You will have the opportunity to scan the game card to collect information. This is not a skill comparable to a full-fledged scout, but it is quite a good option for understanding where the opponents are on the map.


One of the most active and powerful agents who can always turn a round in his favor.

Most often, the hero is used to knock out enemy sites due to strong AoE damage and the use of flash-noise grenades to disorientate opponents in the midst of battle.


A universal hero in Valorant who can both hold a position and not let opponents through, or open bombing sites and advance first, covering his allies.

He is a master of traps and information gathering around the map, and an agent who is good at all aspects of fighting on the map.


This is an agile and active character who can use dashes and other auxiliary skills for both assault and retreat.

Often, on the pro stage, a sniper rifle is taken for Jett, because it can quickly and accurately work on the map, find its kills and retreat to its allies to provide cover when entering one of the sites, or deter enemy attacks.


This is a master of working with grenades and an agent who can teleport to any part of the map if he accumulates a series of kills, spheres for activating his ultimate ability.


A fast and mobile hero who can easily move around the game map, the game mechanics are similar to Jett, but with an emphasis on assault actions and activation of the ultimate, which will allow you to deal quick and enhanced damage, which will help destroy entire teams of enemies if you learn how to use it correctly hero.


One of the most frequently chosen characters and a representative of support classes, without which no Valorant boosting is often complete.

The hero is also a blocking character who sets up walls that prevent opponents from moving around the part of the map that it blocks, or spending time destroying it and indicating their positions and direction of attack.

The hero is the only one who can fully resurrect allies, but you need to accumulate spheres, or buy them through the general system for acquiring skills.


The second support and reconnaissance hero.

The downside of the character is that although she can heal several allies at once, she cannot help herself.

You can use birds as stun grenades and summon dogs to scan the area.

Basic tips on gaming tactics

Keep an eye on the economy

Despite the fact that Valorant has gone far beyond CS GO in its mechanics and the variety of agents and their unique skills, the main role is still played by assault weapons, spheres with key skills and grenades, which allow you to hold back the attack on the target, or enter the point bookmark a spike and disorient all enemies that defend it.

If you have lost almost all the money and were unable to establish a spike, then instead of another boost with pistols and body armor, it is better to carry out a full-fledged economic one with a chance of winning and purchase all the key equipment that will help you take not only one round, but also a series that can help push players to economic problems.

Don’t Ignore Skill Orbs

They can be bought at the trading post, or obtained for a large series of kills.

Some players ignore the mechanics of skills and continue to play Valorant like CS GO, but if we draw an analogy, it’s like playing a project from Valve without any grenades – you can win, but only up to a certain rank, and then smart players will simply destroy your attacks through restraining or attacking grenades, the same applies to skills with Valorant rating boosting.

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