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How to Activate Your Beast Mode

Rich Froning 2013 CrossFit Games

As more people begin to gain an understanding of what the CrossFit Games is all about and it continues to gain more exposure, an increasing amount of individuals are keen to challenge themselves and see if they can compete with some of the toughest athletes on earth. Even away from the competitive nature of the CrossFit Games, some people want to train well and make some notable gains during their fitness sessions. 

While everyone is generally built differently and certain training methods might not necessarily suit everyone, if you can activate your beast mode and look after yourself in the best way possible, then you’ll be onto a winner. You don’t have to turn into the Big Bad Wolf, as featured in the Big Bad Wolf casino game, or channel your inner Minotaur; it’s more about doing the right things. Activating your beast mode is essentially about having the best chance of getting into the best shape possible. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some steps you can take to activate your beast mode. 

Eat smart at breakfast 

For many, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As such, it’s vital to get things off to a good start with a healthy and nutritious breakfast, while also making sure that you’re getting enough protein and healthy fats. From protein shakes and eggs to cereals and nuts, there are so many things you can eat to kickstart your day. Be sure to avoid fried and greasy foods that could eventually weigh you down in the gym, though. 

Sleep is needed 

Away from training and keeping fit, we all need a good amount of sleep anyway. If you’re not getting at least eight hours of sleep each night, though, then you need to find ways in which you can. Whether it’s with the help of some meditation to help you feel at peace or by avoiding caffeine as much as possible, there are plenty of things we can do. A melatonin supplement works for some people, too. 

Don’t let it beat you 

Sometimes, perhaps after a stressful day at work or a tiring day with the family, it can be tough to find the energy to work out. In order to be the best version of yourself, though, it’s important to ignore any negative feelings and push through the pain barrier to get a workout in. Even if you’re tired, working out and maintaining the progress towards your health and fitness goals will enable you to feel beastly. Not giving up and remaining in control of your physical and mental health is a powerful feeling. Don’t let it beat you. 

Plan ahead 

There is no point in nailing breakfast if you’re then going to eat badly afterwards. In order to avoid any poor decision-making, plan your healthy meals for the week in advance. You don’t have to pre-cook meals and eat them when they aren’t as fresh and as tasty, but you can simply jot down a few ideas, so you have a rough plan in your mind. You might want to cut out things like gluten also, something that can cause weight gain, intestinal inflammation and bloating. 

Train with a professional 

Whether it’s with a friend in the sporting field or a personal trainer with extensive knowledge in a particular area, training with a fitness professional will help you to become a beast. You might activate new muscle groups, learn new exercises, pick up little tips here and there, and potentially be inspired by the undoubtedly impressive workouts such athletes manage to smash. One day, you’ll get there too. 

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