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How Effective is Red Light Therapy?

red light therapy

Since you are reading this article, it is safe to assume that you have heard of the benefits that red light therapy can offer. However, you may still be on edge to make a decision to get your own device or book a therapy session.

So, in this article, we will discuss how effective red light therapy is and if it is a treatment you should consider or not. Keep reading to know in detail.

How Effective is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy was first introduced by NASA to help astronauts to help with pain and injuries rapidly while in space. However, the treatment soon became attractive due to its versatile nature. Studies showed that red light therapy has tremendous potential to resolve several physical health, mental health, and skin problems.

Red light therapy has shown significant promise in resolving pain, stiffness, and wound healing. Researchers have conducted multiple medical trials and studies, and most of them offered reassuring results. Thus many people are now using red light therapy on a daily basis.

Light wavelengths used in red light therapy are significantly larger in the visible light spectrum. As a result, these lights can penetrate deeper into the skin and start the healing process from there. Thus, the solutions to the problems start from the root levels.

In addition to energizing body cells, red light therapy helps improve metabolism in the cells. Therefore, the whole body gets the benefit of the therapy. Due to improved metabolism, circulation improves in the body. It helps the blood to deliver oxygen and other nutrients all over the body easily. Moreover, this phenomenon can also remove toxins and other unwanted substances from the body.

Natural light wavelengths help the human body to produce hormones and proteins. These components can help in regulating sleep, body temperature and functions, skin elasticity and tightness, and many other crucial functions. Thus, the skincare industry has adopted this therapy and marketed it as a wonder to preserve youth.

People diagnosed with stress, insomnia, depression, and seasonal affective disorder can utilize this therapy to get back to their usual selves. This therapy helps the body restore its circadian rhythm to resolve various mental health conditions.

In light of the above discussion, it can easily be said that red light therapy is very effective in helping people to gain total wellness.

What Does Research Say?

According to research and multiple studies, the effectiveness of red light therapy is now widely acknowledged. However, there are lots of other factors that are not yet explored. 

Many experts acknowledge that red light therapy can help patients with a wide range of conditions. However, more trials and studies need to be done for this therapy to be established as a treatment.

To ensure effective treatment, a randomized, placebo-controlled trial is required, which states that a certain number of subjects with similar characteristics should go through a placebo for treatment of the exact condition. 

In some studies, two different treatment methods are compared to find out the best one among them. The results are often compared between no treatment, vs. emerging treatment, vs. current standard treatment. 

To be completely fair, most of the published studies using red light therapy consist of a small group of people, didn’t include a placebo group, or weren’t conducted in humans. Some studies were also conducted on tissues or cells only. 

However, most studies have shown positive results, and when replicated in a bigger setting, they repeated similar results. The effectiveness of red light therapy in wound healing, treating bipolar disorder, and skincare is quite popular and has established proof.

So, it can be said that red light therapy is quite an effective treatment that is evident from multiple research. However, seeing a medical professional before taking up this therapy is always wise.

Possible Side Effects

LED light bulbs are used to deliver red light therapy to their users. These bulbs emit the exact light wavelengths that are required to treat various health concerns. Therefore, one will not be affected by harmful light wavelengths like UV rays.

In general, red light therapy is completely natural, non-invasive, and has no drastic side effects. However, anyone with severely light-sensitive skin may experience temporary redness and irritation when first introduced to this therapy. 

However, by reducing irradiance and distance from the user, such problems can be easily avoided in the future. 

The only disadvantage of red light therapy is that the therapeutic effects are not permanent. If not using this therapy, one may see a decline in the results after two weeks. So, one will need to use the therapy regularly for permanent benefits. 

Bottom Line

Red light therapy may be a fairly new treatment in town. However, the effectiveness of this therapy is already popular among regular peers. This therapy’s wide range of users can help different body parts. So, if you are still on edge about getting this therapy, wait no more.

With the help of red light therapy, you will be able to get several health and skincare benefits that you would love to have in your life.

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