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How CrossFit helped Broadwell lure Gen. Petraeus

Paula Broadwell

Broadwell used her fitness to keep up with Gen. Petraeus during long runs in Afghanistan

Over the last few days (and probably weeks to come) the General David Petraeus scandal has been in the media headlines. General Petraeus is a 4-Star general who until last week was the Director of CIA.

Petraeus submitted his resignation to President Obama on Friday November 8, after it was unveiled he had an affair with his biographer, Paula Bradwell.

Broadwell, 40, was much younger than Petraeus wife and also married with two children.

Paula Broadwell The Daily Show

Paula and her husband doing push-up on The Daily Show

In an interview earlier this year on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Broadwell discussed how she got close to Gen. Petraeus by going on long runs with him while in Afghanistan. As she noted at the time.

“This is a typical mechanism he uses to get to know young people. He’s done it throughout his life. So it was an opportunity for me to interview him on a run. I thought I would test him, but he was going to test me. But it ended up begin a test for both of us,” said Broadwell.

Turns out one of the reason why she had the fitness to keep up with Gen. Petraeus is because she too is a CrossFitter. As it reads on her official bio published by the University of Denver:

“Paula is married to Dr. Scott Broadwell, an interventional radiologist. They have two young boys, Lucien (6) and Landon (4). They live together in Charlotte, NC, and when Paula is not on the frontlines, online, or writing lines, they love to do Crossfit, run, ski, and surf together.”

As they “CrossFit women are hot.” Guess in this instance that proved to be all too true and the downfall for one of most decorated and celebrated men in America.

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