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Highlights of the CrossFit Invitational

Team USA Wins the CrossFit Invitational

Team USA Wins the CrossFit Invitational

It’s been a week of celebrations for Team USA, after taking out the first ever CrossFit Invitational in London last weekend.

The team of Rich Froning, Julie Foucher, Matt Chan, Jason Khalipa, Kristan Clever and Rebecca Voigt proving too strong for Team Europe, which was made up of Annie Thorisdottir, Katrin Davidsdottir, Miko Aronpaa, Numi Katrinarson, Samantha Briggs and Tuomas Vainio.

The scoreline was a bit of a blowout in the end, with Team USA winning 20 – 6. However, there were plenty of highlights during the event.

Rather than show you every minute of the event, we thought we’d find you some of the more memorable moments.

Here’s some footage of the final ‘Team’ workout, which concluded the competition:

19 year old Katrin Davidsdottir from Iceland beating Kristan Clever in the max snatch event to give Team Europe the lead for the first time.

And captain Rich Froning snatching Team USA to victory in Event 2:

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