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Giveaway: Win 1 of 3 Mobility Kits from 66fit

66fit Mobility Pack

This weeks prizes

In this day and age we have all been advised how important mobility is. Performing well at a sporting competition is not only dependent on your cardio, weight training and nutrition, but also requires a consistent mobility regime. From extending the hips on an O-lift, to achieving that all desirable ass-to-grass stance on a squat, mobility is king.

While stretching can provide a long and deep range of motion, it’s only one component. You can be as flexible as Flex Wheeler and still wind up tender (in all the right places).

This is where the tools of torture (mobility) play an essential role in slashing muscle soreness, accelerating your recovery, and not to mention cutting down the amount of time you spend complaining about your functional fitness ailments.

66fit Mobility Pack

All the prizes in the mobility pack

That is why the good folks at have provided us with three amazing mobility packs from 66fit to help you relieve your pain.

Valued over $100 this weeks pack pack includes all of the following:

1. TPT Roller Kit that includes two massage balls and mini foam roller inside! (Valued at $58)

2. 66fit Massage Stick (Valued at $31)

3. 66fit Spiky 8cm Massage Balls (Valued at $20) 


Update 14 October 2013. This giveaway is now closed. We will be announcing the winners in this weeks podcast news wrap

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