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Ginger is the New Greens


The new movement in the world of health, wellbeing & nutrition is Be Ultra. With the launch of their first product a Ginger Kombucha Inspired Multi-Vitamin Health Drink; Daily Burn, Boost and Build (or D3B). And it is delicious. We unpacked with the founder Stephanie an ex-physiotherapist, ex competitive Rower and now turned business consultant as to why Ginger is the new Greens.

Why Ginger over Greens?

There are so many green powder supplements today, which made me bloated & gassy and let’s be honest an uninspiring taste.

On digging into the research and looking at various products the number of greens in these products was excessive and unnecessary, and lacked scientifically proven benefits. To me the greens craze just seems to be missing so many other key nutrients / ingredients that have proven benefits.

Ginger is a great natural nutrient for gut health, metabolism, immunity, and energy. It also provides an anti-bloating and anti-inflammatory effect on the body. I had ginger lemon kombucha daily, which was an expensive habit, as well as adding ginger to my meals.

Why Daily Burn, Boost & Build?

Being a physiotherapist; health and performance was part of everyday life, both at work and personal. I changed careers into business consulting, and I found implementing a healthy lifestyle more difficult with the long hours and stress; but with an increase in expectation to always perform.

I also found having to plan, source and prepare a highly varied diet, which covered all the key nutrients, was extremely time consuming to do on a daily basis.

As a physiotherapist we are trained to understand scientific research and I sourced various different vitamin pills / supplements that had high quality science and I felt the benefits. 

I could not find the formulation I wanted on the market and many did not have strong science behind them. One key differentiator of my product is the Amino Acids combined with the vitamins and anti-oxidants. Other products were either one or the other. 

Further to this, I hated taking pills. I found them so uninspiring and I would forget to take them and I even resorted to getting one of those old people plastic pill dispensers.

I wanted delicious and easy to use health. One day I was drinking my Ginger Kombucha and taking my pills and I said to myself how good would it be if I had a Ginger & Lemon Kombucha Multi-Vitamin Supplement. Here is where Daily Burn, Boost & Build (or D3B), was created. 

One delicious and convenient product I looked forward to having as much as my coffee; which also covered all the key nutrients which I knew supported key metabolic processes for; gut health, stress relief, energy and metabolism. This didn’t exist on the market.

Combining the two would mean; I never had to take pills, and I could save money as having both kombucha and vitamin pills was an expensive daily combination. As expensive as the new price of lettuce (jokes but also a fair reference). 

What is next for Be Ultra?

Be Ultra is a place where health is made fun and easy without compromising on taste. Breaking down health complexity and making a healthy lifestyle practical and achievable. D3B is one way we do this, but we also understand complex scientific research and communicate this knowledge in simple health trips on our various socials; check it out. 

With over a year of research, testing and formulation of D3B we are launching with limited supply in October. See our website to pre-order before they run out.

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