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Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton Admits to Being an Escort

Suzy Favor Hamilton

Suzy Favor Hamilton. Then and now.

Suzy Favor Hamilton, 44, has just admitted to working as an escort in Las Vegas and a variety of other locations over the last year, in a story first reported by

Hamilton was the winner of nine NCAA running titles, named Big-Ten athlete of the year three times, and competed in three Olympics 1992,1996, and 2000.

She was once ranked as the number one runner in the world in the 1500-meters. She is so well respected that the Big-Ten Conference award, for female athlete of the year is named in her honour.

Hamilton is married with a 7-year-old daughter and now resides in the Madison, Wisconsin suburb of Shorewood Hills, where I grew up and my family still live. In fact, she lives within several hundred meters of my family house. I’ve often seen Suzy around town and when jogging past her house.

Suzy Favor Hamilton Sydney Olympics

Suzy Favor Hamilton During the Sydney Olympics

Last summer, my 11-year-old sister even spent some time with Hamilton during a College for Kids course, where Hamilton put her through a running workshop. I can remember my sister commenting on how hard that running course was. Although despite the difficulty, she had nothing but a glowing review of Hamilton, even attributing some of her recent sporting success to her rigorous training and mental coaching.

So unlike many former athletes who drift off into obscurity, I can tell you first hand she is still very well known in the community and running circles.

I spoke to one Shorewood Hills resident on the matter that said, “Look it’s her private life but in a way it is better it comes out now, before she meets some psychopath and she gets hurt or worse, killed.”

When asked how the news will be received within the Madison/Shorewood Hills area they stated very clearly that, “Madison and Shorewood Hills are very liberal communities, so I don’t think this will affect her. Most people will just say that’s too bad and get on with things.”

Despite never winning a medal at the Olympics she still received numerous endorsement deals to the chagrin of many competitors and teammates, who claimed those sponsorships were only awarded to her because of her good looks rather than her athletic ability.

It is an interesting turn of events for someone once considered the glamour girl of athletics. However, it is important to remember Hamilton was simply a runner, albeit a damn good one. She was not a politician, Minister or Priest. What she did may be morally reprehensible and possibly illegal. Although one thing’s for sure, given the opportunity again, I would have no hesitation to place my sister, little brother, myself or any other family member for that matter into another one of her running courses. Then again, I now live in Sydney, Australia — a place where escorts and brothels are perfectly legal.

Hamilton has tweeted several times over the last few hours. Some of those tweets can be seen below.

Suzy Favor Hamilton Tweets

Suzy Favor Hamilton Tweets

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