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First Look: Inov-8 370 Boa Dial Weightlifting Shoe

This week Michael takes a quick look at the Inov-8 370 Boa Dial Weightlifting Shoe which has just been released globally.

The shoe was launched in America in November 2014, but has just been made available to the rest of the world this month (February, 2015).

You may have seen a few samples of the weighlifting shoe being used by a few Inov-8 athletes over the past year, including Dean Linder-Leighton who wore them during the 2014 Australia CrossFit Regional.

The shoe itself is almost identical to the Inov-8 Fastlift 335 with the same sole and heel drop, although it comes with a unique tightening system: The Boa Dial. For those unamiliar with the Boa Dial, it is basically a stretch-free cable closure system that allows functional fitness athletes a stable and tight platform while lifting. It also eliminates the need for shoe laces, which can sometimes get in the way during workouts.

Selling for around $200 in the US and around $249 in Australia/New Zealand, the Inov-8 370 Boa Dial Weightlifting Shoe comes in two colours, black and hot pink, although additional colours may be released later in the year.

Check out the video above to find out more about Michael’s first look at the Inov8 370 Boa Dial Weightlifting Shoe. And be sure to check back later for his full review of the shoe.

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