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Finding Value in CrossFit Betting Markets

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Just like any sport, CrossFit offers a number of great value bets for punters. While the sport may still be relatively new in regards to bookmakers framing markets for it, there are still a lot of great standard and exotic markets to try to make some money off.

As a punter, however, it’s important to know the difference between value and long odds. Just because there is a market paying long odds, doesn’t mean it is actually a “value” bet. Here is a quick look at the difference between the two:

Long odds – When a market is offering long odds with big returns (for example $100 – 1). This means that for every dollar invested you will make $100 if the bet wins.

Value bet – Bets placed that represent good value for return. For example, when a punter identifies a market which may have a more likely chance of occurring than the odds are showing.

As you can see from above, it is important for punters to know the difference between the two and be smart when identifying markets that may be “over the odds” and not just seeing the return amount as ‘value’, and then choosing the right bookmaker is the key, it is essential to check the bookmaker’s offers before placing your bet, that way, Unibet is a good choice, he offers an attractive promotion for new customers. If you have questions about creating a profile, you can check how to register your account using Wincomparator’s Unibet promo code. You have more of a chance of making money than losing it!

With that all being said, here is a good way to help you identify value when trying to bet on CrossFit markets.

Historical Data

CrossFit has a fairly consistent structure. Tournaments and events have winners in a set ranking and finishing order. This means that historical data will help you in analysing outcomes that are more likely to occur.

Punters should do a bit of research on the athletes competing in upcoming tournaments and see their previous results to gauge an idea of their previous results, and then do your own assumption on the likelihood of them achieving a specific result. Once you have compared this with the odds present, then it will come down to trying to find a market that is “over the odds” compared to the numbers and projections you have made. These markets/potential bets will then represent “value” bets.

Follow Athletes Social Media

As CrossFit doesn’t have major media reporting on it, it’s often up to the punter to do their own research on the health, fitness, and other issues with athletes. Unlike leagues like NFL and NBA where media will report on all the breaking news that occurs, CrossFit news often stays hidden or unknown to most people in the industry.

A good way to get on top of these developments is to follow athletes on social media and regularly follow their feeds and stories. This is a great way to find out any potential issues, or factors that may impact their performance at an upcoming competition. It’s also a good way to track their latest training and to see if they have improved any new lifts or had PR’s in any benchmark workouts.


In summary, as a punter betting on CrossFit it’s often up to you to do the research to identify value in betting markets. But doing so will give you a potential edge over bookmakers who may not be aware of potential information that would normally affect betting markets. This way, you have the opportunity to create your own edge and ideally make more profits!

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