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FFS New York: Aiding Transgender Women in a Looks-Based Society

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Whether we admit it or not, society will always make us feel valued more for our appearance than for our character. We can try to break down these stereotypes, but the reality is that looks matter. This problem could lead to three possibilities: depression, self-improvement, and acceptance. People will criticize you for your looks, and you can either feel sorry for yourself or learn to accept and love how you look. But if you’re able, you can take it to another level and undergo FFS New York to improve your appearance.

FFS New York: Facial Feminization Surgery and How it Works

Facial feminization surgery (FFS New York) is a series of craniofacial and plastic procedures to help achieve a more feminine look. This procedure is ideal for transgender women who prefer to have a more feminine face, especially those who receive a lot of criticisms about their looks. Many transgender women suffer from the effects of gender dysphoria. Matching their physical appearance with their internal self can relieve them from distress and suffering, where other people view them as something they aren’t. These surgeries can do wondrous things to the forehead, cheeks. nose, lips, and neck.

How does FFS New York work?

Here’s a succinct overview of the procedures related to facial feminization.

  1. Lowering the hairline – You can immediately determine if an individual is a female or a biological male by looking at their forehead. It has something to do with how their facial frame looks. Typically, females have smaller faces because their hairline is a little lower.

The procedure involves a trichophytic incision just along the forehead to pull the scalp forward and then burying the hair follicles underneath the skin closure. It causes the hair to grow through the scar.

  1. Browplasty – Different people have different eyebrows. Some transgender women, however, need a makeover to achieve a more feminine form. The eyebrows may elevate to a higher position, depending on their facial features.

The procedure involves an open approach during an FFS New York session, making an incision in the hairline. Doing this leaves little or no visible scars. Browplasty usually involves severing a small muscle near the eye so that a Botox won’t be necessary in the future.

  1. Rhinoplasty – Rhinoplasty is a surgery that helps reduce the size of the nose. It changes the profile and shape of the nose, making it look more feminine. Transgender women usually have to undergo rhinoplasty, hairline lowering, and forehead feminization at the same time to get the best results.

The procedure may need to alter or narrow the nose internally. It may also need to move or reshape the nasal cartilage, whichever is necessary. The challenging part during this procedure is retaining the aesthetic harmony with the other facial features.

  1. Cheek enhancement – Among the most significant aspects of the feminine face are the cheeks. If the cheeks appear too masculine, then cheek enhancement may be a necessary step to improve the facial features. Some transgender women may need prominent cheekbones while getting rid of chubby cheeks.

The procedure involves a non-surgical fat grafting or fat transfer, removing fatty tissues from one part of the body and then injecting them into the cheeks. This injection causes the stem cells to mobilize. Using the fat grafts helps rejuvenate and improve the circulation of the tissue.

  1. Earlobe reduction – The ear cartilage will continue to grow as we age. Research suggests that gravity over time causes them to stretch, sag, and enlarge, which may not look feminine.

The procedure involves the reduction and reshaping of the cartilage to alter the overall contours. It helps transgender women achieve more aesthetically pleasing earlobes. Crafting a natural and smooth interior lobe border is the most important step to a more feminine ear.

  1. Lip lift and lip filling – Transgender women may need to undergo lip lift or lip filling to achieve a more feminine appearance. The procedure includes any of the following:
  • Corners-mouth lift – You’d always see less of the red portion near the mouth corners for men. But to achieve a more feminine appearance, a corners-mouth lift is necessary. This procedure helps increase the visibility of the red part.
  • Lip augmentation – it fills the lips to make them plumper and fuller. It may involve the use of fat transfer injections or injectable fillers.
  • Upper lip lift – It makes the upper lip shorter by lifting the upper lift. This procedure improves the visibility of the upper teeth, resulting in a more youthful and feminine look.
  1. Genioplasty – Genioplasty or chin recontouring is necessary for those who have a masculine chin. Having a smaller, less angular chin is ideal for a symmetrical and aesthetically-pleasing appearance.

The procedure may or may not require chin implants. In most cases, a chin implant is not enough to feminize a chin. After all, they may cause the chin to enlarge, which is the opposite of what transgender women want to achieve.

A safer alternative would be to remove a T-shaped piece of one’s bone via T-osteotomy. It then combines the remaining bones of the chin. Achieving a V-line chin shape would be impossible without this method.

  1. Jaw contouring – Jaw contouring helps transgender women in feminizing prominent male jawlines. Instead of having a male jaw, they can achieve a rounder and smoother jaw. It also narrows the overall shape and width of their face to create a more refined jawline angle. Ultimately, it improves the overall proportions of the facial features to attain a more feminine appearance.
  2. Adam’s apple reduction – Having an Adam’s apple can cause insecurity to transgender women. Although everyone has it, it’s more prominent in men. They can reduce their Adam’s apple significantly through an Adam’s apple reduction or tracheal shave.

The procedure makes the throat and neck appear more feminine by separating the muscles of the throat, making sure that the Adam’s apple is exposed. Shaving the tracheal cartilage helps transgender women fulfill the goals of gender confirmation.

Facial feminization greatly impacts the perception of people towards transgender women and how they interact with others. After all, physical appearance affects first impressions. In the society we live in today, facial harmony and beauty are important. Fortunately, FFS New York can help transgender women so that other people will consistently identify them as women. Facial feminization surgeries can result in an increased sense of self-esteem and self-worth.

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