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Eurosport’s “The Box” Episodes 7 and 8

Another week brings forth two more great episodes of Eurosport’s CrossFit series, “The Box.” As always we embedded those two episodes below.

Not sure what it was but I find it fascinating watching the Russians take to the sport. Then again maybe I’ve just watched Rocky too many times and keep thinking I’m going to see scenes of Drago training Smile

The Box – Eurosport – Episode #7 – On-Ramp in Italy & France

This week The Box traveled to Italy and met with Elisabetta Canalis, who shared the benefits of CrossFit with us while attending one of Europe’s biggest health & fitness exhibitions – Rimini Wellness. Through two CrossFit participants Martina Barbaro and Stefano Migliorini, The Box will also outline the correct way to practice the 9 fundamental CrossFit movements that the future participants of the upcoming Reebok CrossFit Fitness Championship Italy (Rome, 23 June 2012) will have to complete.

The Box will also return to Toulouse in France. Daniel Chaffey, the head coach, will teach a special session to help the qualified participants prepare for the Reebok CrossFit Fitness Championship France (Paris, 16 June 2012). We will catch up on the personal journeys of Yohann Gigord, Alberic Françon and Isabelle Turroques as they have now qualified for the Reebok CrossFit Fitness Championship France. We will also introduce a new strong competitor – Elise Labrunie (Yohann’s girlfriend), who is member of the French National Rugby team.

The Box – Eurosport – Episode #8 – On-Ramp in Russia & Spain

This week, The Box will revisit Moscow. The head coach, Eugeny Bogachev will help the CrossFitters improve their technique before starting a team WOD. We will be introduced to Alexander Smirnov, a student in nuclear physics who started CrossFit 2 years ago and aims to take one of the top spots in the Reebok CrossFit Fitness Championship Russia (14 July 2012) just like Ivan Philippov, Marat Mukhametdinov or Aurora Asseserova.

The Box will also head down to Madrid, to the Box Mundo CrossFit where Nacho Merino, the head coach, prepared a special session with the all the qualified athletes for the Reebok CrossFit Fitness Championship Spain (Green Canal Golf Club, Madrid, June 9, 2012). Finally there will be catch up with Jesus Alba, a fireman who works in Illescas, near Toledo, and is a favorite to win the championship in Spain.

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