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Elisabeth Akinwale Signs with Bos Creek

Elisabeth Akinwale Signs with Bos Creek

Elisabeth Akinwale Signs with Bos Creek (Photo: Michael Brian)

Bos Creek, a dependable supplier of premium grass-fed beef exclusively for the CrossFit community, today announced that they are sponsoring rising star Elisabeth Akinwale. With this sponsorship, Akinwale will receive enough Bos Creek beef to make it her main protein source of choice while training.

“Ms. Akinwale is an amazing athlete that understands the importance of clean fuel,” says Kenneth Chung, owner of Bos Creek. Greg Russo, Bos Creek Chief Marketing Officer adds, “She is up and coming in the world of CrossFit but has already proven herself as a tremendous athlete and competitor. Her intelligent training regimen and attention to detail are easy to see, and her understanding of the body and nutrition fit into the holistic healthy lifestyle around which Bos Creek is trying to build a community.”

Bos Creek and Akinwale seem like a natural partnership as both are relatively new to the CrossFit scene but quick to make big strides. The Rx Review recently introduced Bos Creek in an article here, and already the company is well on their way to proving their dedicated support of CrossFit athletes. On the flip side, Akinwale took her first CrossFit class in 2010, having never before O-lifted or worked with kettlebells, and immediately went on to compete in the CrossFit games in 2011 and 2012.

Akinwale says she couldn’t be more enthusiastic about working with Bos Creek and really liked the business model, the direct relationship with the rancher and also the eclectic group of athletes, coaches, chef, and business people affiliated with Bos Creek.

“Diet plays a central role in progressing towards my goals as an athlete, as well as general maintenance of a healthy lifestyle for my family and myself,” says Akinwale. “When you’re training at a high volume, eating for performance is essential, and a focus on high quality foods is absolutely key.”

Elisabeth Akinwale

Elisabeth Akinwale (Photo:

Performance is at the top of Akinwale’s mind as she progresses through the CrossFit Open and aims for her current goals of getting on the podium at the Games as well as at the National level for weightlifting.

In addition to Bos Creek, Akinwale is currently sponsored by Muscle Driver USA, a company dedicated to producing the highest quality strength and conditioning equipment. In support of Team MDUSA (primarily a group of weightlifters), Muscle Driver welcomed Akinwale as their first CrossFit athlete to the team.

Akinwale is Bos Creek’s first sponsored athlete, but most likely won’t be their last. “We will be sponsoring other athletes and have already sent our beef to some prominent figures in the fitness and nutrition community such as Kelly Starrett and Coach Mike Burgener,” says Russo. “They are on board with Bos Creek and are helping to spread the word about fueling your body with the best training fuel there is: animal protein.”

We at The Rx Review look forward to seeing who’s got the chops to make the cut.

Bos Creek is now giving you a chance to win some of their famous grass-fed beef delivered to your front door! Check out the GIVEAWAY HERE.

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