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CrossFitting Without a Box

CrossFit Exercises Without Equipment

CrossFit Exercises Without Equipment

One of the hardest things for any athlete is keeping fit while on holiday.

Many of us succumb to the temptation of all kinds of foods and alcohol, find ourselves sleeping in past midday, and often choose sun baking over going for a swim or a run.

In addition, there is also the problem of finding a CrossFIt gym.

The reality is, the further we are away from the comfort of out own box, the harder it is to find the motivation to workout. Not only do we miss the support from fellow CrossFitters we train with every week, but we also miss our equipment.

Working out without any barbells, weights, rings, pull-up bars, wall balls, boxes, jump ropes and dumbbells can be hard. However it can still be possible.

Here is a list of CrossFit exercises we can do while on holiday, or away from home, that require no equipment:

Handstand Push-Ups: Find an even surface and a nice wall and away you go. Use a pillow or a towel if you can’t Rx the movement.

Pistols: One legged squats, pushing your resting foot horizontally forward as you go down. Use a table or chair to use as support if you’re struggling to make it all the way to the ground.

Air Squats: Try to go past 90 degrees every rep.

Push-Ups: Make sure your chest touches the ground every rep and avoid snaking.

Sit-Ups: put your feet in a diamond position and try to  touch your feet every rep.

Superman’s: Lying on your stomach, try to raise your torso and your feet.

Burpees: How could we forget this movement after the CrossFit Games Open. Basically a push up that turns into a star jump.

Running: I’m pretty sure I don’t have to give this one an explanation!

In terms of workouts, there are only a few that don’t include any equipment like Michael and Burpee Madness. The best advice is to choose a number of the above exercises and turn them into a Tabata workout!

– John

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