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CrossFit HQ Announces New Team Competition!

Me, Pepper & the CrossFit Adelaide Crew

For many their 2014 CrossFit season has come to end. After the trials and tribulations of the Open, then the Regionals, unfortunately most of us have missed out on qualifications for the 2014 CrossFit Games.

In past years that would means another 12 months until we begin leaderboarding again. However, CrossFit HQ have just announced an exciting new online team competition starting August 28.

As they state:

CrossFit will host an online team competition series in 2014.

The series will consist of three separate competitions, as well as an overall Leaderboard for teams who complete the series.

Each of the competitions will feature multiple workouts. The first set of workouts will be released the week of August 28, and will be followed by additional workouts the weeks of September 18 and October 9, 2014.

Once announced, teams will have three days to submit their scores. The number and style of each set of workouts will be announced on their respective dates.

For the series, teams will consist of any two men and two women who perform the workouts together. Teams may include members from different gyms and there is no requirement for how long they have trained together. Super teams and sponsored teams are allowed. There will also be scaled divisions, including masters.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners of each competition, and to the overall leaders once the series is complete.

Team registration will begin after regionals, and all rosters will be finalized in August. Registration is US$100 for CrossFit affiliate teams and US$500 for unaffiliated or sponsored teams.

More information will be released on

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