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CrossFit Exercises for Beginners



Walking into a CrossFit box for the first time can be a daunting experience for many people.

Not only is there a bunch of equipment you probably won´t have any idea how to use, but you will also hear a fer terms like ´WOD´ and ´Rx´ that will leave you scratching your head.

In addition, CrossFit also has a bunch of difficult movements that may very well overwhelm beginners. Snatches, clean and jerks, overhead squats, deadlifts and pullups all require a certain level of technique that most first timers will struggle with.

But it´s important to remember there is also a number of easier movements.

If you´re struggling with getting the technique right in some of the harder movements, here´s a list of some simple exercises to ensure you still experience the benefits of CrossFit:

Burpees: A real simple movement. Requires you to start in a standing position, then move to a push up position, touching your chest on the ground, and then jump back to your feet.

Sit Ups: Lying on your back, use your core strength to sit up and touch your toes before returning back to the initial position.

Wall Balls: While the exercise requires a certain level of technique, it is still very simple. The basic principle is to squat with a large, soft ball, then try to throw it to a pre-determined height before catching it.

Push Ups: Lying on your stomach, use your hands to push your body up until hands are fully extended.

Box Jumps: Starting on the ground with your feet together, use your vertical leap to jump on top of a box. Then repeat!

Skipping: If double unders are still hard for you, try single jumps until you improve.


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