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CrossFit and CBD (Cannabidiol)

crossfit and cbd canabidiol

Since being removed from the World Doping Agency’s official list of banned sporting substances in January 2018, there has been plenty of discussion about CBD and its use in the fitness industry, and during CrossFit/functional fitness training.

CBD, or cannabidiol, comes from the actual trichome of the marijuana plant. However, it does not contain the psychoactive euphoric properties that THC contains. It’s known to boost performance in sports of all kinds, and to substantially shorten recovery times after grueling workouts.  

CBD is a known anti-inflammatory – much like ibuprofen and diclofenac. However, CBD has no potential for addiction. Unlike other forms of cannabis, cannabidiol will not leave users building any bodily or mental addiction.

The CBD oil also influences the human body’s appetite, sleep schedule, and mood by affecting the body’s CBD receptors, known as the Endocannabinoid system.

Cannabidiol has been used by many CrossFit/functional fitness athletes across the world for some time. Trainers are always looking for ways to reduce recovery times to get athletes back in training as soon as possible. By using CBD, this can often be achieved.

CrossFit coaches regularly put their athletes through a wide range of high intensity workouts that involve gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting. Some trainers also use ‘strongman’ competition exercises, and aerobic cardio workouts like running, swimming and cycling.

These workouts can often leave the body very exhausted and fatigued, and CBD can be a great way to help with recovery.

CBD Oil is now easily accessible, and can be bought at a number of online stores including CBD Oil Geek. The oil is also being used by many athletes across the professional sporting world. UFC star Nate Diaz, boxer Teofimo Lopez and a growing number of NBA/NFL players use items like Freed CBD products to speed recovery. In recent times CrossFit Invictus has also been an advocate for cannabidiol.

Amateur sportspeople have been following the example of the professionals and thousands are feeling the real benefits of CBD to recovery times in dozens of disciplines – including CrossFit.

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