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Cross Gym vs CrossFit

Cross Gym Vs CrossFit

Cross Gym Vs CrossFit

It looks like CrossFit might be about to embark on a major legal battle, with an Italian gym allegedly trying to have the trademark banned from being used in the entire European Union.

It’s believed Cross Gym owners Umberto Avino and Maurizio Maddaloni want the term CrossFit invalidated across the continent in an attempt to run their own franchises and monopolize the market without being punished.

The whole thing is a bit strange considering Cross Gym is actually a gym that specializes in the sport of CrossFit and on face value it appears to be money grab attempt.

According to their Facebook page, however, they claim this isn’t the case and have recently posted this message on their wall:

At this moment is happening something incredible: “Someone” on HIS WALL facebook, said that CROSS GYM is determined to fight and replace CrossFit.
CROSS GYM is ONLY a registered producer of Functional and CrossFit equipment. CROSS GYM® IS NOT A TRAINING METHODOLOGY!
CROSS GYM just want to support the CrossFit nothing else.
Is in the interest of CrossGym that crossfit has a full and complete development in Europe and worldwide. Is exactly the OPPOSITE that some people want to go to CrossGym. Our lawyers are already moving legal action against people who spread these false rumors. We are sure this is an “economic measures” against us by someone that have an interest in lowering the sales that crossgym has throughout Europe. we LOVE the crossfit community!

Either way, the whole saga is a confusing one with a lot of ‘he say, she say’ going around. What would you do if you were a CrossFit affiliate owner? Or if you want to take it to the next level, why not ask for help buying a franchise of your own?

Here’s a nice video that explains the whole case a little better:

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