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Calculus is an Important Topic of Mathematics and Physics

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The importance of mathematics and physics in the world, even the CrossFit world, is irreplaceable. Physics and mathematics together contribute to nation-building. All the bridges and highways, industries and houses, multinational companies are built with the applications of mathematics and physics. Calculus is one of the most difficult topics as far as mathematics and physics are concerned. With the knowledge and marks point of view, calculus holds an essential position. Calculus is an integral part of higher education for science students.

Physics is related to mathematics because most of the problems in mathematics require mathematical solutions. It forms the core of engineering and higher Mathematics and Physics. Without proper practice and resilience, it is difficult to master calculus. This is perhaps the most important portion of modern Mathematics and Physics. To master calculus, one needs to memorize all the lengthy integration formula. Questions on Calculus are asked in all critical examinations.

This portion is comparatively tougher as compared to other easy chapters. So the importance of calculus in mathematics and physics is a make or break in a student’s career. A lot of focus and concentration should be paid on topics based on calculus.

Importance of calculus:

Calculus comprises two main components that are differentiation and integration. Both differentiation and integration are equally important in mathematics as well as physics. A lot of questions can be solved with the help of integration and differentiation formulas. Major topics of mathematics and physics deal with calculus.


Before going into the formulations, we need to understand the basic meaning of integration. Integration may be defined as the summation of small parts or aspects to form a bigger value. In Mathematics, it implies the summation of smaller values to get a larger value altogether. In Physics, smaller components are integrated to get a larger component. It explains the significance of integration. Without the use of this tool, it would be very difficult to analyze the gravitational field or the electric field of certain complex bodies.


Integration plays an instrumental role in solving all the problems related to differential equations. Even in higher classes, integration plays a vital role in solving problems related to exact differential equations, ordinary differential equations, and Bernoulli’s differential equations. This explains the necessity of integration fundamentals in engineering Mathematics. Therefore, it is crucial to pay heed to all the different types of problems that are associated with integration.

There are a lot of formulas in integration and differentiation. Calculus is also used in trigonometry and algebra. Integration is used generally to get a bigger value from a smaller value. The opposite of integration is differentiation. Both of these can be used simultaneously to solve problems. Calculus is a very big topic and its importance in daily life is unmatched. Integration within a certain limit is known as definite integration whereas the type of integration in which no limit has been specified is known as indefinite Integration. In calculus, it is very important to use the derivative formula to reach desirable answers.

Deep knowledge is required for students to master and excel in calculus. Though calculus seems to be a difficult topic it is very interesting to learn. Now there are a lot of video lectures available on the internet on calculus. Students can take the help of these video lectures to improve their knowledge about this topic. 

Online Lectures

The online lectures have helped a lot of students to solve problems related to calculus. Online classes offer students to learn from their favorite teachers and clear all their doubts. So students can now get rid of their doubts being at their homes. These online video lectures can be viewed 24 hours. Also, most of these video classes are accessible to everyone.

Cuemath is one such online math learning platform that helps in clearing doubts of students. Teachers that take online lectures here are highly educated and knowledgeable. They make learning mathematics very easy. Students can take help from the doubt clearing sessions taken by some of the most renowned teachers.

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