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Big Names Missing in the 2015 CrossFit Season

Mikko Salo Training

As you may have noticed by now, there were a number of high-profile athletes who didn’t take part in the 2015 CrossFit Games Open. Every year we see a number of athletes sit out the CrossFit season for reasons ranging from injury to focusing on a new sport.

In some regions, this could open a spot for a rookie athlete to debut at the Games, or make it easier for a veteran who has been so close to qualifying multiple times.

Here is a look at some of the high profile athletes who have either withdrawn, gone AWOL, or chosen to sit out the 2015 CrossFit season:

Mikko Salo

Is nowhere to be seen…

Once again, the 2009 CrossFit Games champion has been a ghost this season. His name isn’t on the leaderboard, and it’s unsure what his plans are this year. Last we heard he was coaching Games athlete Jonne Koski in Finland.

We did see a recent video, however, of him doing sets of 455 pound deadlifts, showing us he still has some amazing strength.

Nate Schrader – no score on 15.2

The three-time CrossFit Games athlete registered for the 2015 CrossFit Open, completed 15.1 and 15.1a, then did not submit a score for 15.2. Schrader then submitted a 15.3 score, however the missing score from 15.2 will rule him out of Regionals, and therefore Games, contention.

His Facebook athlete page has him doing a hell of a lot of lifting and he attended his first Olympic lifting meet in February.

nate schrader big names missing in the 2015 crossfit season

Kyle Kasperbauer

For the first time in six years Kyle Kasperbauer will watch the CrossFit Games from the sidelines after a serious shoulder injury in August 2014.

Kasperbauer was doing Russian kettlebell swings with 53lb in each hand when his shoulder slipped out of place and back in.

The 33-year-old waited weeks to address the injury, which resulted in surgery and a season on the sidelines.

Pip Malone

After two consecutive third place finishes at the Australia Regional and subsequent CrossFit Games appearances, Pip Malone is taking the year off to focus on Olympic Weightlifting.

She also plans on finally finishing a criminology degree that she has dragged out for a few years.

Pip Malone big names missing in the 2015 crossfit season

Marcus Filly

The Games veteran appears to be sitting the season out, but no word as to why.

His Instagram feed says he’s still training and having fun, so we may see him back in 2016. Will we?

Michelle Kinney

For the first time since 2010 Kinney isn’t competing in the CrossFit Open.

She posted a status on her athlete Facebook page in February and said a torn hip labrum in 2014 and a torn shoulder labrum and supraspinatus in January told her she needed the year off.

michelle kinney

Amanda Schwartz

The 2014 CrossFit Games athlete appears to be retired… Schwartz’s name is nowhere to be seen on the Games Open leaderboard.

Ruth Anderson-Horrell

About one month before the start of the CrossFit Open, the three-time CrossFit Games competitor tore a tendon in her thumb. Unfortunately, it was worse than originally thought and required surgery.

When she went under the knife, the tendon was frayed and a tendon from her index finger (you have two) was taken out and moved to her thumb.

While she can’t put any pressure on the thumb until 12 weeks post-op, Anderson-Horrell managed to complete a few handstand push-ups to get a score for 15.4.

Ruth Anderson Horrell

Rory Zambard

Zambard pulled out of the CrossFit Games in 2014 due to an ongoing back injury after an impressive rookie season in 2013 where she placed 14th.

She competed in the CrossFit Fort Vancouver Invitational in January with Emily Carothers where the team took first place.

At this stage Zambard is not registered for the 2015 CrossFit Games Open.

Talayna Fortunato

Fan-favourite Fortunato is sitting out the 2015 CrossFit season after having ankle surgery to remove a bone fragment that was floating around in her ankle.

Just one month after surgery, Fortunato finished 15.4 with 129 reps. She will be back on the leaderboard in 2016.

Talayna Fortunato big names missing in the 2015 crossfit season

Chris Spealler

The man, the legend. After seven CrossFit Games appearances Spealler was given an emotional sendoff after Double Grace at the 2014 CrossFir Games.

Despite retirement, he’s actually taking part in the Open this year so he’s not exactly ‘missing’. He’s also still performing solidly in the South West Region with three top 10 finishes so far. With a good showing in 15.5 he could very well finish inside the to 30 in the South West Region and be eligble to compete in the regionals, should he change his mind.

Do you know any other high profile athletes who aren’t competing in the 2015 CrossFit Games Open? Let us know in the comment section below:


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