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Australian Gambling Myths And Interesting Facts: Can Fun Turn Into Danger

Common myths rotate around online casinos, which are often classified as facts. But gradually, when online casinos are becoming more popular day by day, these myths are debunked. This article deals with these myths and how people believe that online casinos are way more dangerous than they are in reality.

With the help of the Internet, online casinos like the top Australian online casino 2022 took the gambling industry by storm in the 1990s. It has provided the chance to gamblers to place their bets on their favourite games from the comfort of their room. But a few false negatives started to propagate around online casinos in the early days of the 21st century.


Remember that our facts only concern those registered and properly legalised casinos. It is essential to change the mindset that people often carry toward online casinos. 

Earning a Bonus Is Impossible in Online Casinos

The market of online casinos is booming because providing handsome rewards, bonuses, and promotions to players is a part of their publicity and advertisement. There is a myth that these bonuses come with a wagering requirement; these are fake. There is a list of some bonuses:

  • Welcome bonus
  • Free spins
  • Reload bonus
  • No deposit bonus

Often bonuses come with certain conditions so that players do not take advantage of them and then leave the platform after getting benefits. Nowadays, you can win a free £5 no deposit bonus on If you minutely go through the terms and conditions of bonuses and promotions, you will get an idea of how to use them. If they allowed using a premium without any wagering requirement and minimum deposits, it would eventually start making losses.

Online Gambling Is Addictive and Rigged

This is another false statement that has been attributed to online casinos. Gambling is a very subjective thing. One who loves to gamble will be interested in both forms of casinos. They can play casino games without stepping out of their house. But that does not necessarily mean that they are addicted to online casinos. There are advantages attributed to online casinos, but not everybody will take the risk of gambling and enjoy the thrill. However, more people have indeed been into gambling with the introduction of casinos in the online form. But addiction is something else.

One of the most severe allegations against online casinos is that the games they provide are all falsified, fake, and rigged. It is also believed that the system runs so that an insider ends up winning every time. The belief grew because we can not sit in front of a dealer in online casinos, and things are automated. The licence organisations check whether an online casino nz uses unfair means before issuing them a licence. Rigging can be a concern in unregistered casinos, but the licensed and famous ones are fairly trustable. 

They Won’t Allow You to Win Anymore if You Are Winning too Much 

Online casinos always try to break your winning streak! This is another false statement. You might enjoy an incredible winning streak in an online casino. Still, obviously, you will lose after a few straight wins. Even the best players in the world lose matches now and then. But it is the online casino’s conspiracy against you to break your winning streak that is a bizarre claim to believe. The reason is that the casino even wants you to win even more, as it gets dictated by the odds, and the house ends up winning in the end. 

Winning and losing are two sides of a coin, and one should know how to accept both. Some players may experience sudden freezing in-between games. That can be because of some glitches in the user’s device or the casino’s server. Often, poor Internet connection also creates freezing of games. That is why the deliberate freezing of games is not a thing to consider in online casinos. 

Winners Never Get Paid 

This is the biggest myth on the entire list, which needs to be debunked immediately. Do you think that the rise of the online casino industry could ever be possible without paying the winners? Gamblers who are into online gambling are not dummies to bet their hard-earned money without any expectations of returns. However, you have to be sure that the casino you are choosing to place your bets on has to be genuine. Otherwise, there is a high possibility that you will be duped even upon winning. 

Otherwise, you can easily withdraw your winning amount if you are playing in a casino registered by authorised organisations such as the gambling commission. Millions of players enjoy online casinos every day, and only a negligible percentage of them get cheated. In many online casinos, it takes too much time for withdrawals. Still, you eventually get your money once the formalities are completed. 

Online Gambling Promotes Underage Gambling

There is a common myth related to online casinos that, as they are readily available and accessible, they promote underage gambling. People believe that it will encourage gambling among children who might cultivate a bad habit of reckless betting at a very early age. It might sound true at first, but that is not the case. In the early 2000s, every player could play in some online casinos. However, in recent days, every online casino has asked for an ID for registering new players on their platform that confirms their age. 

It is not that a minor can not take advantage of loopholes in the system and create a fake account for registering in the casino. But the process is challenging, and not everyone will go through this. In legalised gambling sites, a credit card must be present with the player’s name scripted on it. This is almost an impossible criterion for a minor to figure a hack out of it. 


Online casinos have an element of risk as you bet your money there without any guarantee of winning. It is entirely acceptable because that is what gambling is all about. You bet your money knowing the risk of losing it, hoping that you will win in multiples. But, ample other rumours create a sense that online casinos are way more dangerous than this. We have tried to debunk some of them with the help of facts and reality. There is a hope that by going through this article; you will know the truth behind the famous online casino myths.

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