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Are Indoor Water Fountains Good For The Health?

Even if you’re inside your house and away from the outside pollution, there’s a possibility that you’ll still get sick. That is because your households may have things like lead, mold, and radon. These things can cause problems to your respiratory system and will make you sick. 

Good thing there is a way to make your home a healthier place. Not only do water fountains for indoors give you a refreshing air indoors, but it is also a beautiful indoor decoration that you can add. 

1. Why is an indoor water fountain good for your health? 

There are various reasons why an indoor fountain is good for your health. Science has proven that water fountains are stress-reducing and can put your mind at ease. Indoor fountains also can regulate the air quality, which can help humidify and purify the air. Some people also believe that the water element, among all five elements of Feng Shui, can harmonize humans with their environments. 

There are many ways on how it helps us both mentally and physically. So let me break down the reasons why you should consider getting one installed in your home or office. 

2. Fountains reduce your stress. 

The sound of running water is unrivaled in terms of relaxation. The presence of water causes the brain to release serotonin, the same chemical that causes happiness. Unfortunately, not everyone can look out their kitchen window, see the ocean, drop everything, and go to the beach. An indoor fountain, on the other hand, allows anyone to enjoy the calming effects of water.

3. Improves air quality. 

The quality of air is important for your health. When we breathe polluted air, pollutants enter our lungs, where they can then enter our bloodstream and travel to our internal organs, including the brain. This can lead to serious health problems like asthma, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer and a reduction in life quality and years.

Indoor fountains release negative ions, which is why the air is cleaned, making it more pleasant to breathe. An indoor water fountain can help to bring your home’s air back into balance. Without proper maintenance, stagnant water in humidifiers can grow bacteria, but fountains naturally add moisture to the air without the risk of mold or irritants. Lastly, bacteria cannot thrive because of the movement of the water as it circulates through the fountain.

It makes you sleep better. 

Lots of sleeping soundtrack includes listening to water splashes. Many of them include the sounds of running water or trickling streams. It’s because it produces white noise that can help your mind ease up. Whether you’re about to sleep or you just want to relax. Nothing beats the soothing sound of running water. A nightstand fountain can help you sleep by lulling you to sleep.

A nightstand fountain can help you sleep by lulling you to sleep. Soft and repetitive waterfall sounds are produced by tabletop fountains. These sounds help to create a relaxing environment, making it easier to fall asleep. Another advantage of an indoor water fountain is that it can help you sleep peacefully by drowning out annoying sounds such as dogs barking, traffic, or noisy neighbors.

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