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A Guide To Achieving Effective At-Home Workouts

keeping fit at home

According to Statista, Australia’s dumbbell sales shot up to 566,000 from January to May 2020. This was closely followed by resistance bands and the treadmill. With revenue increasing in that regard, it was clear that people were taking exercising seriously. And because gyms were closed during the pandemic, many people resorted to home workout routines. This showed that people equate better and quality living to exercise. There are factors to consider when starting at-home workouts. Below is a three-point guide on what to do to benefit.

Acquire a few basic workout tools

At-home workouts may not be complete without investing in the required basic equipment for your routines. You are not being asked to procure an entire gym set – no problem if you can. On the contrary, the focus is on getting a few essential tools that enhance your exercises and can help you achieve desired results. If your focus is on strength building, getting equipment like dumbbells, resistance bands, kettlebells, a stability ball, and an athletic jump rope would be logical. 

Although the home is not a typical gym setting and your equipment isn’t heavy-duty, you can take care of them to ensure you get the best use out of them. The key is to know how to handle them and at what points to utilise each one. If possible, it would be helpful if you plot out your workout space at home. An area that allows you to move and stretch freely would be your best option. You can keep your equipment in a safe place in this area so that they are easily accessible.

Have safety in mind

According to reports, home workout injuries increased, and the sad part is that some of the victims ended up in the emergency units. This was associated with the increase in home workouts from the latter parts of 2019 to the end of 2020. Due to the increase in the sale of fitness equipment, it may be safe to conclude that more people put themselves at risk by embarking on not-too-safe routines. 

It is also possible that people purchase heavy-duty workout equipment without much knowledge of using them safely. To avoid becoming a victim of these injuries, you may want to read and understand the manufacturer’s manual for each piece of equipment. You can also go online to learn more about proper equipment usage. Additionally, always ensure to warm up before using any workout equipment. This allows your muscles to heat up and become flexible to aid equipment use.

Use quality instructional videos for home workouts

Over the years, exercise enthusiasts have relied on instructional videos for at-home workouts. If you’re going to do the same, it is recommended to use only videos from accredited fitness sources. For the best experience, it is important to mount your television screen on the wall and at eye level while standing. Another alternative is to consider buying a modern tv units with storage. As you watch the instructional video on TV, you can use the storage space to keep fitness trainer magazines.

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