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Behind the Scenes of 2XU Compression

2XU Offices

2XU Offices

Over the last few years there have been several companies that have become synonymous with the sport of CrossFit.

Walk into any CrossFit box today, from Sydney to London, New York or Bangkok and you’re bound to see brands like lululemonVibram, Reebok and Rogue.

Amongst all these brands there are two Australian companies that have also found their way into the wardrobes and sports bags of many CrossFitters around the world — Skins Compression Garments and 2XU.

Skins and 2XU both began retailing their compression apparel in Australia long before they were snapped up by hungry consumers across the globe.

Fairfax media recently caught up with Clyde Davenport, one of the founders of 2XU, where he discussed how he got started in the industry, the creation of the 2XU brand, and how they grew their business to where it is today.

It’s an interesting look at the company that is expected to turn over $55 million dollars in sales, in 42 countries this year alone.

Check out the full video below.

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