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7 Fun Fitness Activities for Busy Students

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Staying physically active is important for college students. It helps you stay healthy and motivated and boosts academic performance. Yet, a lot of students struggle with making time for it. In this guide, you’ll learn how you can incorporate fun fitness activities into your college routine.

Make it Your Priority

The first thing to acknowledge is that regular exercise and physical activity should be at the top of your priorities. Sure, there are a lot of other responsibilities out there. But without a healthy body and mind, you won’t be able to perform at your best.

Regular physical activity is linked to better cognitive performance, better memory and concentration, and improved response speed. It is also directly linked to mental health and overcoming stress. “But I need to write my research paper today; how will I find time for fitness?” If you are struggling with deadlines, the right solution is to get the help of a professional academic writing service. Specialized platforms offer assistance with editing, writing, and proofreading any type of college assignment.

Experienced authors can create an original and well-reasoned paper on any subject or topic on the shortest notice. So whether you need your work to be edited or done from scratch, there are experts ready to help. Also, such a collaboration is a powerful learning opportunity as you get to work with specialists ready to offer guidance and advice.

Reasonable time management is always about setting priorities. And if you do not view physical activity as one of them, you won’t ever find time for it.

Here are some reasons to make it your priority:

  • It helps to feel better;
  • It reduces stress;
  • It can help with symptoms of anxiety and depression;
  • It keeps one in shape;
  • It keeps your mind sharp;
  • It impacts academic performance.

Here are some entertaining ways to incorporate physical activity into your college schedule.

Walk More

This is the easiest way to stay active – walk more. You can try to power walk between classes or even make it a little competition between friends. Whoever makes it first to another class is a winner.

You can even get to your campus on foot or opt for a bike instead of a car. Or walk to the nearest grocery store. Walking is free, accessible to people with all types of fitness levels, and can be fun. Students can turn their favorite music on to make it even more entertaining.

Try Workout Videos

Workout videos can be very fun. You get to exercise not on your own but with a guide. Also, you do not need to think about the workout routine – it is all already designed for you.

And you can ask your roommate to join you, which is even more exciting. Such videos often come with motivating music and encouragement.

Also, there are plenty of free workout tutorials on YouTube, so you do not need to pay a dime for them.

Join Fitness Class

If your campus has a fitness center, there is probably a fitness class available to join. This is a great opportunity for those who need additional motivation to exercise regularly. These classes might be free or discounted for students.

This will help you meet new people, stay consistent with your routine, and calm down nerves that have to do with college stress.

Consider Sport-Related Elective

Look through available electives in your college. Chances are, there might be something related to physical activity, sports, or outdoor adventures. Besides the obvious benefit of getting exercise, you can also earn some credits and contribute to your GPA.

This will definitely keep you motivated to perform well. Also, it will be entertaining and educational.

Start Multitasking

Multitasking different intellectual activities are not effective or healthy. But multitasking studies with exercises can be a great option for busy students and boost memory performance. This will keep your workload manageable while offering all the advantages of an active lifestyle. How to do that? Here are some options:

  • You can listen to audiobooks, notes, or podcasts while doing cardio (treadmill or jogging);
  • You can do a couple of exercises every time you take a break during a study session;
  • Take stairs instead of an elevator;
  • Try workouts for office workers that you can do while sitting in a chair;
  • Stretch when you get up from a long session.

Often multitasking in this manner will cover your weekly physical activity needs without overloading your schedule.

Play Team Sports

Team sports are the most exciting for many people. There is a competition factor, teamwork, and communication. If you do not want any additional pressure, just try intramural sports available on campus.

You can meet new friends there or ask your mates to join you. Some colleges offer bowling, basketball, and even more diverse sports.

Use Fitness Apps

To turn something into a habit, you need goals, dedication, routine, and regiment. This can be achieved with a multitude of fitness apps. There is a huge selection of available ones. Some are free, others have a premium subscription.

You can find workouts, recommendations, and various tips there. Also, unconventional apps can turn any exercise into a game. For example, Zombies.Run! is an amazing application that keeps you jogging. But, instead of just running now, you have to run from zombies, which is much more motivating.

Also, applications like Pokemon Go can help you stay active and have fun at the same time. Surely, the hype around this one has died down, but it is still pretty interesting. And there are lots of games with similar principles out there.

In Summary

Hopefully, this guide will help you be more physically active in college. No matter how busy your schedule is, there are always a couple of opportunities to squeeze some exercises in. And by making it into a game or an activity with friends, you can always enjoy it much more. 

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