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Pomegranate Power: 6 Reasons to Eat


Pomegranate cut open

Pomegranates have been admired for their distinct taste and exotic appearance for centuries. The fruit was first discovered in Mesopotamia, (modern day Iran and Iraq) and has been integral to the Middle Eastern diet ever since.

As well as becoming a valuable food staple, pomegranates were at the core of mythological beliefs in antiquity, with Ancient Egyptians believing the fruit possessed powers of eternal life.

While I’m not looking for eternal life (ok I’m female maybe I am), the Egyptians were right in assuming this exotic fruit yields power. It is the rich antioxidant content of the pomegranate seeds that make it a truly nutritious fruit.

In more recent times pomegranates lay alongside fruits and vegetables like blueberries and broccoli to form part of the “superfood” group. Now I know some err on the side of caution when the word “superfood” is thrown around so for the skeptics among us I have prepared six simple reasons why you should pick up a pomegranate.

1. Contains healing properties: Anti-inflammatory qualities have been found within pomegranate seeds, which ultimately work to aid the recovery process after a tough WOD.

2. High in Vitamin C: I’m sure you’ve all come to understand the benefits of Vitamin C when fighting the common cold so hopefully you can avoid paying the expensive price tag for vitamin bottles this winter (yes I live in Australia so sadly it is winter down here) by reaching for a naturally vitamin rich pomegranate. So anything that can keep you away from the doctor office and allows you to keep hitting that all important WOD is a tick in my books. 

3. Restores dental health: So it’s been awhile since you’ve been to the dentist and you’re probably not flossing like you should be, right? If this is true for some then maybe you can look to pomegranates for a little helping hand. Pomegranates have been known to reduce dental plaque, which decreases the chances of developing gum disease all the while keeping the smile white, bright and beaming.

4. Promotes cell regeneration: Here is one for the ladies. The antioxidants found within pomegranates have been known to maintain elasticity of the skin, which helps to keep the complexion youthful.

5. Lowers blood pressure. The antioxidants found within pomegranates also work to clear the arteries of plaque enabling blood to travel around the body more freely, leading to a healthy heart.

6. It’s Paleo: Yep that’s right pomegranates are Paleo approved. Heck I think the only diet that would say this is a no no is the Grapefruit Diet. What’s with that diet anyway 🙂 ???

I have to say this is by far my most favourite fruit. It’s everything I love all rolled into one. It’s messy, it’s pretty and it’s delicious. Not to mention Pomegranates are an antioxidant superpower that tap into all the necessary fields being both health and beauty.

I should warn there is an art to cracking open a pomegranate to reach its prized jewels, but with my fine motor skills (or lack thereof) I am years away from unearthing that mystery. So my advice is exercise caution and don’t be fooled by their pretty exterior because pomegranate seeds can be like bleeders and stain everything that stand in their way!

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