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6 Reasons to Eat Kiwifruit


Cut Kiwifruit

In a world where you can get a suntan from a bottle, where drugs enhance physical performance and where pre-packaged food is the norm, it’s easy to forget that the most beautiful things in life are those that come untouched by man. I’m talking kiwifruit!

Bright green flesh, speckled black seeds and a delicate white centre is one example of nature’s finest creations. Originating from China’s Yangtze Valley, the exotic kiwifruit is not only physically appealing but also offers a potent combination of unique health benefits.

So if you’re looking to preserve your health and fitness for years to come then look no further than the Chinese gooseberry (a.k.a kiwifruit). I bring you six reasons why all diet conscious/CrossFit enthusiasts should be excited to get a taste of the tropics.

1. Stress Reduction: Kiwifruit contains a significant amount of serotonin, which has a calming effect on the body and regulates the mood. It’s simple less stress leads to better physical performance.

2. Improves the digestion of protein: If there’s one thing CrossFitters enjoy it’s protein! But let’s face it too much meat can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable, particularly if you’re lacking roughage in the diet. Present day cavemen will be pleased to know that in 2010, a scientific study, confirmed long held beliefs that kiwifruit assists in the digestion of several common food proteins like beef (including hard to digest proteins).

3. Immunity: You’ve all probably heard this one before but it is true kiwifruit contains vitamin C and lots of it. It’s the high vitamin C content complemented by the generous mix of antioxidants that make kiwifruit an immune boosting powerhouse.

4. Weight Control: It’s not only the fibre of the fruit that helps the waistline but calorie for calorie, kiwifruit is one of the most nutrient-rich fruits. You get the best balance of nutrients per calorie (the most nutrients for the fewest calories) from kiwifruit.

5. Physical fitness: Kiwifruit contains a wide range of minerals (electrolytes) essential for replenishing those lost during a tough WOD, especially in hot environments. It is also a naturally significant source of electrolytes suitable for a pre-workout regimen.

6. Paleo Approved: I bet it comes as no surprise that the hunter-gatherers that stood before us would have enthusiastically devoured the exotic fruit (without glancing to observe its beauty). Kiwifruit is just that a fruit, giving it the caveman stamp of approval.

While kiwifruit may be one of the most intricate pieces of artwork created by mother-nature (or at least in my opinion), the benefits make it truly magical when consumed. This fruit has the beauty and the health benefits to back it up! So take advantage of the naturally beautiful and reap the benefits of this nutritious fruit.

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