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5 Reasons to Create a Perfect Smile

A perfect smile isn’t the same for everyone. For some people, a perfect smile means a celebrity look, while for others, it’s more about hygiene and regular visits to the dentist. Either way, you need to feel super comfortable with your teeth and smile to benefit from more confidence.

First Impressions 

It’s amazing how many people notice someone’s smile before they notice their outfit, hair, and tone of voice. According to university studies, it only takes a tenth of a second for people to form an impression of someone in their mind and make judgments. It can influence all aspects of life. 

The same study reveals that 29% of Americans recognize someone’s smile first and create an impression of them based on it. So whether you want to make an excellent first impression on a new boss, someone on a first date, or new colleagues, it helps to work on your perfect smile. 

Self Confidence 

When you have perfect teeth, you tend to smile more because you have more confidence in your appearance. People who smile more not only feel better thanks to happy hormones like oxytocin that are released in the brain, but they get on better in the world thanks to their smile. 

Having a perfect smile is a positive feedback loop; you smile, and people respond, and a positive feeling and interaction ensue. People who smile more show they are more self-assured and confident than the average person. It opens doors for people in romance and working life. 

Friendly Appearance 

Smiling more shows that you are friendly and approachable. There is no walk of life that doesn’t benefit from these qualities. When you have imperfect teeth or teeth that you are not proud of, the opposite is the case. A person will tend to close their mouth and look away with shyness.  

Of course, the perfect smile is different for different people. Some might look for a movie star smile for a career, while others will find 5the perfect smile a little more natural. Either way, you need to be comfortable with a smile and look after it with a regular visit to Sydney Smile Doctor

Mood Booster 

Serotonin and endorphins are known as happy hormones; they are released in the brain when we exercise, connect with other people, and smile. That’s right, the simple act of smiling releases powerful chemicals in the brain that make us feel good and help us to interact. 

Fake smiles count as well. The brain doesn’t discriminate between a genuine smile and an artificial one; the simple act of moving the facial muscles in a particular way registers the same commands in the neural networks releasing the feel-good chemicals that benefit your life.  

Oral Health 

When you have a perfect smile, you also have excellent oral health because one cannot exist without the other. When people see you have a perfect smile, they also infer that you have excellent oral health and general personal hygiene. Again, this contributes to more success.

If you want to start your journey to a perfect smile, you can check out this dentist who does dental crowns in Chandler.

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