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4 Services to Help Grow Your Business Instagram Presence

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Social media is one of the most important tools business can use nowadays to create business success. Particularly for CrossFit and functional fitness gyms, social media is a crucial aspect of marking, recruit and communication.

One of the most common social media platforms business are using these days is Instagram. 

The following article will look at 4 services which are aimed at helping businesses grow and promote their Instagram accounts:


One fo the main features of I-Famous is that everything is built on artificial intelligence. It’s system analyzes your profile and collects info about potential customers before getting you new followers. After this, the program selects followers whose demographics meet the needs of clients. So it’s essentially a computer generation way to perfectly match content to suit your desired audience.

One of the best things about I-Famous is that it does not use fake accounts. All accounts that are added to your account are real and organic. It usually takes a few days to begin getting new followers.

Due to fact the accounts are real, it’s really hard to predict the level of engagement that you’ll get after signing up and going through the starting processes.

There are many plans you can sign up to that will get you what you want in regards to followers, views, comments and likes.



When it comes to Instagram promotion sites, Zamupa is one of the market leaders. Zamupa is an Instagram promotion website run by a marketing agency. The prices for new clients is simple: Zamupa analyses the customers profile by a software program. Then they use AI to analyze target audiences, competitors, and hashtags.

Based on all this info, it will tweak and suggest content to target these groups the best way possible and ideally increase followers. 

it starts bringing followers. Thanks to this approach, you get real, high-quality followers who are interested in your content. 

The aim is for new users to view customers posts and actively engage in content Your profile analytics should then get a boost, and then naturally, your account will organically grow.

To start using Zamupa all you need to do is choose a plan and specify the number of followers you want. There are many different plans to cater for all businesses needs and budgets.


You to Subs

If you have a basic background in promotion on Instagram, then there’s a fair chance you may have heard of You to Subs. This particular service has been updated recently and just like a few other services mentioned in this article they general real followers and no fake accounts.

New customers get followed by people with regular Instagram profiles, who post personal photos, regularly browse the feed, etc. So basically – their profiles comply with Instagram’s guidelines. 

There are some pre requisites for new customers. You’ll need to make sure you meet all the requirements. Your profile must have a minimum of 12 photos and 40 followers, and no more than 600 followings.

One more feature of You to Subs is that there are no package deals. You decide how many followers you want and what kind of engagement they will show. Just move the slider, and the price will automatically be recalculated.



Velesty is another service which you can sign up to that aims to get you real followers. The aim is to target specific followers who will like, comment and interact in your posts and reels. Because the accounts are real there is now fear or threat of a shadow ban or blocking. 

Followers will come gradually over several days, and show moderate engagement, which is in line with Instagram guidelines.

The cost of active followers depends on their number, as well as the warranty period for the order. This refers to how long users will remain your followers. When the warranty expires, people can unfollow you at will. Do you want to extend their stay? Order an extended warranty, and you’ll get a discount at the same time.


In Summary

Instagram promotion services are a great tool if they are legit. Don’t be afraid to use them, but always choose reliable platforms. The four I have mentioned above are solid services that have good user experience and reputation behind them. 

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