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2014 CrossFit Team Series: Week 1 Wrap

2014 crossfit team series - week 1

Week one of the inaugural CrossFit Team Series is in the books and the results are in.

So far, the superteams are dominating the leaderboard with the top three spots locked up by Team Reebok East (Scott Panchik, Ben Smith, Stacie Tovar and Emily Bridgers), Rogue Fitness Black (Rich Froning, Jason Khalipa, Julie Foucher and Sam Briggs) and Rogue Fitness Red (Josh Bridges, Dan Bailey, Lauren Fisher and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet).

Just two points separate the three teams and a 15-point gap sits between third and fourth with Reebok North keeping touch with the leaders.

As was expected, when Dave Castro said there could be between one to five workouts per weekend, one was highly unlikely. At least in week one.

Four events were released and, just like the CrossFit Open, teams were to complete the assigned work within a four-day window (Thursday – Monday).

Event 1

The first event was a variation on the opening workout of the 2014 CrossFit Open, 14.1.

Unlike the Open, the workout was completed in pairs with the two male athletes working tag-team through the 30 double unders and 15 75lb power snatches for 12 minutes before the women took over with a 55lb barbell for the next 12 minutes.

The total reps completed by all four team members was the final score.

Rogue Red posted the best score with 1426 reps, which averaged out to each athlete completing just shy of eight full rounds.

When you consider that in the CrossFit Open just three male athletes and one female were able to complete 10 full rounds in 10 minutes. These athletes almost completed eight rounds in six minutes, though the breather between rounds would have helped them put their foot on the gas when it was their turn.

1. Rogue Fitness Red: 1426
2. Rogue Fitness Black: 1421
3. Team Reebok North: 1393
4. Team Reebok East: 1392
5. Norcal MWLK: 1368

Event 2

Castro is famous for his vicious variations on the classic CrossFit workout, Fran.

Event 2 was no different with athletes working their way through 30-20-10 of 65lb and 95lb thrusters and chest-to-bar-pull ups for time.

Athletes again worked in pairs, but this time it was one male and one female working at the same time on different movements before switching to work through the 120 repetitions.

When the first pair finished, the second pair started.

Rogue Fitness Red took their second first place finish of the competition with a time of 7.57, more than half a minute faster than second placed Rogue Fitness Black.

With gymnastics queen Leblanc-Bazinet on the team it’s no surprise that Rogue Red performed well on the event.

1. Rogue Fitness Red: 7.57
2. Rogue Fitness Black: 8.34
3. Team Reebok East: 8.52
4. CrossFit Amplify: 9.12
5. CrossFit Redding – CrossFit Redding Alpha: 9.18

Event 3

The third event tested strength with 10 minutes per athlete allocated to set a 3-rep-max front squat.

The final score was the total pounds moved by the four athletes.

The top score came out of nowhere with Reebok CrossFit Tuluka – Argos Tuluka Argentina moving 1265 lbs.

1. Reebok CrossFit Tuluka – Argos Tuluka Argentina: 1265
2. Team Reebok East: 1245
3. CrossFit 417 – ProMO417: 1245
4. Team NFSports South: 1185
5. Rogue Fitness Red: 1180

2014 crossfit team series week 1

Event 4

The final event of the first weekend tested the athletes endurance with each team member moving relay style through the 30 calorie row, 30 bar facing burpees and 30 135/95 lb hang cleans.

The score was the total time taken for all team members to make their way through the movements.

The top five teams completed the work in less than 16 minutes, which meant on average each athlete took less than four minutes; however, it was a dominant performance by Team Reebok East to take victory in 14.54.

1. Team Reebok East: 14.54
2. Rogue Fitness Black: 15.31
3. Team Reebok West: 15.39
4. Team Reebok North: 15.49
5. Rogue Fitness Red: 15.52

As many predicted, the leaderboard is heavily dominated by super teams at the end of the first weekend of competition. However, one affiliated team, with no CrossFit Games experience, has managed to slip into the top five.

Each member has been to Regionals in some capacity but they are the current evidence that a team that gels well with quality athletes can compete with a team of the sport’s elite.

Only time will tell if they’ll stay there!

Overall Standings after week 1 of 2014 CrossFit Team Series:

1. (10) Team Reebok East
2. (11) Rogue Fitness Black
3. (12) Rogue Fitness Red
4. (27) Team Reebok North
5. (31) CrossFit 417 – ProMO417

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