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2013 CrossFit Regionals: North West Results

2013 CrossFit North West Regional (Image courtesy of CrossFit’s Facebook Page).

2013 CrossFit North West Regional (Image courtesy of CrossFit’s Facebook Page).

The North West Region might not have had the big names that some of the other CrossFit Regions boasted over the weekend, but that didn’t make the competition any less exciting.

In all three divisions we saw new Regional champions, with a number of new, talented CrossFitters pushing through the ranks. We also saw several CrossFit veterans show their class, as well as a serious injury force one of the world’s best CrossFitters out of the Regional competition.

Here is a closer look at all three divisions over the three days of competition:


2013 North West Regional: Men's Final Leaderboard

2013 North West Regional: Men’s Final Leaderboard

Reigning Regional champion Yurii Hanson withdrew from the men’s half before the competition even began, meaning we’d have a new title holder by the end of the weekend.

In the end, we had three new faces standing on the podium, with Bryan Miller winning the final two Events to claim the overall honours. He finished five points ahead of Ben Stoneberg, with Ryan Swobody rounding out the top three.

Kevin Simons and Austin Stack, who both qualified for the Games last year, missed out on a spot in the top three, finishing fifth and sixth respectively.


2013 North West Regional: Women's Final Leaderboard

2013 North West Regional: Women’s Final Leaderboard

Just like the men’s half, the females division would have a new Regional champion by the end of the weekend, with Cheryl Brost forced to withdraw from the competition after injuring her achilles.

The three-time CrossFit Games competitor was sitting in second place overall when she tore her achilles during a box jump in Event 5. Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t able to complete the final two workouts and will now focus on recovering in time for the 2014 CrossFit season.

Rory Zambard was the overall winner, finishing nine points ahead of Ashleigh Moe with Emily Carothers rounding out the podium.


2013 North West Regional: Team's Final Leaderboard

2013 North West Regional: Team’s Final Leaderboard

After finishing second at the 2012 North West Regional, CrossFit Fort Vancouver went one better in 2013, claiming the overall Team honours. They won five of the seven Events to beat Jet City by 17 points. Spokane Valley finished third overall to claim the final qualification spot.

Last year’s winner CrossFit Intensify split into two teams this year, with their Team A finishing fifth overall.


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