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2 Things You Must Change When You Are Sleep-Deprived

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When you’re tired even at the start of the day, you are most likely sleep-deprived. No one wants to feel constantly exhausted. First of all, how can you go about your day, working, CrossFit training, and getting through the daily grind if you’re feeling lethargic most of the time?

Here are some few questions you could ask yourself: How many hours of sleep are you getting every night? And if you do fall asleep, how often do you wake up? Do you even experience deep sleep?

Normally, adults should be having 7 to 9 hours of sleep everyday and if you don’t get that – most likely you would feel fatigued most of the time. Sleep isn’t something we can forego. If you want to sleep better, here are two things you can change to help improve your situation:


Yes, your mattress. How’s the condition of your mattress? How long have you been using it? Can you still remember the time you got it?

If your mattress is old, there’s only one solution – replace it! Why are we focusing on the mattress, you may ask? Well, it’s simple – the condition of your mattress will affect the quality of your sleep.

If your mattress is ancient, it’s probably home to dust mites, bed bugs, and other sorts of allergens already. You also continuously shed skin, and if you have pets, they shed as well. Even if your mattress appears clean, you may not see the microscopic details going on.

Your mattress will eventually become dirty. Your old mattress, or rather the organisms living within it, can trigger allergies and respiratory diseases. Which can also contribute to your lack of sleep.

One more thing – an old mattress will lose it firmness eventually through the years. Even if it’s still fairly serviceable to you, your mattress may be lumpy and even be saggy on some well-used areas already.

How can you sleep well on an uncomfortable mattress? You would just probably wake up with muscle soreness all over. You might not even sleep well at night because you would be shifting positions continuously.

Go buy a new mattress already. People find it hard to do that because it’s such a bulky purchase. Order a mattress in box if you’re worried about that. Less bulky but still the same mattress.

When you do order online though, check if the seller offer more information on their mattresses. Make sure they cover trials and warranties just in case you want a replacement.


Gadget time

You should also change your habits when it comes to your electronic devices. Do you still pick up your mobile phone when the lights are off and you’re already lying down on the bed?

This daily habit can also affect your sleep. Many gadgets emit a blue light that affect your body’s release of melatonin. This is a hormone that regulates our sleep: it tells us when to wake up, and when to sleep.

The blue light suppresses the release of melatonin. With less of this hormone, the harder it is for you to fall asleep.

There’s nothing wrong with using your gadgets, they do have its advantages. Just lessen the time you use it prior to sleep. Just make sleep a priority. Tomorrow is another day where you can check your gadgets. When it’s bedtime, just rest!

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