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How to Buy a Concept Rower for $250

Concept Rower

Concept Rowers are the gold standard for CrossFit® affiliates – and in many other gyms too!

A new Concept2 Model D with a PM3 monitor (the most popular, and cheapest model) sells for about $900 USD, delivered, from the usual suspects in the functional fitness industry. Used, this same rower typically goes for $600 – $850 USD. Talk about holding value!

However, the good news is, if you know where to look and have a little bit of time up your sleeve, you can grab a used Concept rower for as little as $250! This is the cheapest I have seen one sell for in a year of monitoring every C2 posted on Craigslist in Austin, Texas.

* Note: this price may seems crazy low – but while researching this article, I came across a posting for a $300 C2 in the San Francisco Bay area – so cheap rowers are out there, you just need to find them!

So how do you score one of these deals, you may ask? I’ll explain it in four easy steps below:

1. Use online resources to look for a Concept Rower

Here are some great resources to find a Concept Rower, depending upon your location:

Concept Rower (C2)

Concept Rower (C2)

2. Look in Major Metro Areas

Look, I love small towns. They can be safe, great places to raise a family with low costs of living, but they are not where cheap C2 rowers hang out. So, you’ve got to search the major metropolitan areas near you. I live in Austin, Texan and despite it being a mid-market city, we have a thriving fitness community – that means we see a lot of C2’s being listed for sale online. Despite that, I also make sure I search San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston when I am on the hunt for that elusive C2 deal.

3. Secret Weapon #1

Now, you might get lucky if you do a manual Craigslist search – stranger things have happened. Although here’s how to super-power your searching – IFTTT. Here’s a quick way to get SMS (text) alerts whenever a rower is posted to craigslist:

1.  Sign up for IFTTT (free)-

2. Click on this link for a “recipe” to search craigslist, and they’ll send you a SMS message once a rower is posted-

3. Click on the big blue “Use Recipe” button.

4. Scroll down the next page to the “Trigger” section. Change the “Search Results URL” from “” to ““, where ‘yourcraigslist’ is your local craigslist or nearest major city.

5. Hit the big blue “Update” button.

6. That’s it! Now you’ll receive a SMS whenever a rower goes online. To turn off these alerts – go to IFTTT and just tell it to turn off or delete the “recipe”.

Concept 2 Rower 13

4. Secret Weapons #2 and #3

CASH and SPEED. When you get that text announcing the dirt cheap C2, you need to call or email the seller right away and tell them you have cash and a truck to pick it up. I don’t care if you don’t have a truck right away – just call the seller first, then arrange the transportation later. A seller that posts a cheap C2 on craigslist needs to be given cash in hand crazy fast for three reasons:

1. If you don’t do it, there are 20 other people who will.

2. If they’ve posted a C2 for crazy cheap, they may realize this when their phone blows up, and will consequently repost the Concept Rower at a much higher price.

3. People who post on craigslist love a quick, clean deal. They want to rower gone, so if you can take care of this fast, with no hassles, you’re doing them a favor.

What if the Concept Rower is a dud?

When you show up, row a few hundred meters and test out the monitor. If the rower works well for this simple test, it’s almost certainly fine. If there is a problem, A Concept Rower cheap and easy to fix. You might bargain the owner down a bit (if the rower was misrepresented as in working condition on the ad) or just take the rower as is. And don’t forget, there are always plenty of cheaper alternatives around if you struggle to find a bargain Concept2 out there!

Happy hunting!

  • Good tips.. but hopefully no one else in the Detroit area will read this.. 😉

    Although cheapest one right now is $850. Boo.

  • Great post. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the love you showed our box during the Luke fundraiser. (Cross Fit Hays)

  • Travis Leamons

    I was fortunate enough to get a Concept 2 Model D for $500 off Ebay some years ago. I live in Houston, but the seller was located in Dallas. Lucky for me I have family near the Dallas and they picked up the rower and brought it down when they came to Christmas Dinner.

    • kellepa

      Nice score! That’s still a great price.

  • Kapi Neely

    Just missed a C2 for $150.00 by 5 hours… Darn LOL

  • David Goran

    bought a concept 2 model D for $40 at an auction in Upland CA last week….nobody knew what it was except me 😉 rowed crew in college

    • Mark C

      What type of auction? Storage unit? Everyone and their dog in the LA area does crossfit it’s nearly impossible to score a rower!

      • David Goran

        was at an antiques furniture auction…their typical customer does not buy that kind of stuff…that auction they had a bunch of fitness stuff including a pretty good condition elliptical…called

    • Amazing score!

      • David Goran

        i just picked up a WaterRower for$120 at the same auction

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  • Reliza

    Excellent post. I’m finishing up my second million meters on my Concept 2 Model 2 and recommend rowing and Concept 2 to everyone I know. Now I’ll send them your post, as well.

  • Titanium

    Nice article! I totally want one of these! This article came up in my search! I’m in Atx too!

  • traceybee

    Thanks! I took your advice re: IFTTT and was able to purchase a Concept 2 Model E for $450. Couldn’t be happier!

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  • Michael Hamann

    Found one in the trash, a concept II.
    The computer part didn’t work, but the rest was fine.

  • bill

    i have one in great condition for $500 moving must sell

    • Ian

      What city are you located in? Im interested

    • Rae

      I am looking for a concept 2 rower as well, where are you located? I can pick up in the michigan/ Illinois / Indiana/ ohio region. Thanks!

    • tshark

      Are you still selling your Concept2 rower? What model? Where is it? Thanks.

    • Michael

      Still available?

  • Brad Dombroski

    I have a C2 Model E with all the available options. Used for less than four months then had a skiing accident that injured my rotator cuff in shoulder. Guaranteed Excellent condition. Would let go for $800 + FedEx/UPS Shipping. I will pay for packaging and boxing. I’d be happy to Skype or FaceTime with you to give a proper demo. Located in Mobile, AL.

    • brad dombroski

      As of 8/11/15, I have sold this C2-E….thanks to this thread. Good luck in finding one for yourself. They truly are the best rowers on the market.

  • reef (team bodybox)

    I’m looking for a concept 2 rower . I’m in nj/NY area. I’m definitely paying cash and I have a truck.

  • Julie

    Looking for a working C2 in San Fran Bay Area have CASH and TRUCK now!

  • Pete Brown

    Although it took a few months, I was just able to pick up a model C is very good shape for $250. Thank you for the help.

  • charleskallemeyn

    Have a concept 2 I want to sell. perfect condition; sadly only used about 30 half hour rows. I want to sell it for half price, which is $450. Minneapolis area.

    • Hari

      Are you still selling this one? I live in St. Paul and could come get it with my mini-van.

  • TrickyHeh4479

    Hi I have a Concept-2 in excellent condition hardly used… Works like brand new with ALL of its features as seen. Best offer gets it but must have own transportation to pick up and CASH ONLY. Need to sell ASAP! FYI I’m in Connecticut!

    • George

      I am in MA. How do I get in touch with you?

      • TrickyHeh4479

        Hi George my email is Looking forward to speaking with you.

  • TrickyHeh4479

    Forgot to post pics!

  • TrickyHeh4479

    Selling Concetp 2 rower for $575.00. NOT used or broken in!

    • Bryant

      hi, what model and where?

      • TrickyHeh4479

        Hi Bryant it’s the Concept 2. I’m in Connecticut!

      • TrickyHeh4479

        E Model Bryant!

    • Nick Marf

      Will buy. for info

      • TrickyHeh4479

        Hi Nick have a couple of people interested the person who can pick up in cash has it. When can you pick it up?

    • Marcos

      Where are you located? We are in California.

  • NickMarf

    Will buy

    • TrickyHeh4479

      Hey Nick are you still interested in buying my C2 rower?

  • TrickyHeh4479

    Please review pictures of Concept 2 rower below.

  • HelenK

    In Ann Arbor MI, looking for used Concept 2

  • Chris Layhe

    Hey guys, looking for a Concept 2 in the Santa Cruz / San Francisco area – have cash for a good one, and can pick up by truck from you.

  • TrickyHeh4479

    The Concept – 2 E Model. Now going for $500.00! Again I live in Connecticut if your in New York or Massachusetts love to here from you.. First come first served with cash and means of transporting it themselves… Have a bless weekend ALL!

    • Jim L

      Still Available?

      • This is your pilot speaking

        Sorry, I beat you to it.

  • William

    Looking for a concept 2 northeastern ohio

  • TrickyHeh4479

    Just wanted to thank everyone who were interested in my posting of selling my Concept 2 E model. I have a buyer for who will be picking it up Monday…. Thanks to Nick and his mom

  • Sam

    Hello, My name is Sam and I am looking for a Concept 2 Rower. Living in Colorado, but willing to travel a few hundred miles for a good deal. Can be contacted at Thank you.

  • kathleen

    Just started a crew program at our high school and looking to purchase a few Concept 2 models. We are located in the Metro Washington, DC area. Thank you!!

  • Charlie

    i’m outside of Albany NY. Looking for any model Concept 2. Thanks!

  • Drew Thomas

    Live in Holland Michigan, Looking for a concept rower. Hit me up if your looking to sell!

  • Alexis Sonder

    I am in Philadelphia! Looking for a concept 2 model D with a PM3 monitor. Let me know if you have one to sell

  • Dona B

    I live just north of Ann Arbor, MI and looking for Concept2 either model D or E. Thanks!

  • Charlie

    No one seems to have on to sell me on this site, so I’m going to bite the bullet and purchase a new machine. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Chet

    I’m in Northern Michigan, looking to buy a Model D. Own a Bicycle Shop willing to trade equal value bike for one.

  • Ramon Teruel

    Looking to buy a concept 2 rower in the southwest texas area (el paso)

  • Jeff

    I’m looking to purchase a Concept 2 Rower, Model D or E, PM4 or 5. I live in CT.

  • This is your pilot speaking

    I bought one at Goodwill for $50.

    • Justin Weeks

      At goodwill? That’s crazy!!!

  • Enid

    Thanks a lot! Finally after 1 year of receiving text alerts, I was able to get a concept 2 rower with PM3 about 1 year old for $520! That text alert popped up and I immediately responded. Was first and got it.

  • Chris

    I have a concept 2 pm3 rower that I used for a couple of months that I am looking to sell for $600.00. It works perfectly..I am just not going to be using it. Paid $900.00 for it. Let e know if interested.

    • Elizabeth

      Where are you located?

      • Vooch

        Model C located in SoCal 72.9km

    • Skye

      Where are you are you located.

      • Vooch

        Model C located in SoCal

    • TButler

      Do you still have the rower available for sale?

      • Vooch

        Yes Model C located in SoCal

  • Pete

    Hello Where are you located? Thanks

  • Felicia

    I live in ohio and am looking for a used model c

  • slthorne

    I am in Northeast Pennsylvania and looking for a Concept 2 PM3 rower.

  • Michael Walsh

    After about a month of looking, and missing out of 3 cheap C2s (a C and a D, both priced at $350, and a B priced at just $50), I finally lucked into a Model C in great condition except for a bad PM for just $140. Called one minute after it posted to CL late last Wednesday evening, and changed out of my pyjamas to go meet the seller 80 miles away.

    Now I need to come up with a used PM. Probably a PM3, but these go for crazy money (~$150) compared to the price of a brand new PM5 ($180). I’d prefer to pay closer to $50-60. Of course I can row without a PM for now by just using a timer, but I’d like some of the PM data like watts, force curve, and splits.

    BTW, no need for a truck to go collect a modern C2 (C and D certainly, though you may need to take the legs off of an E) – it’ll fit happily into the back of a decent sized hatchback with folding rear seats if you break it down into separate body and rail sections.

  • Jeff

    Looking for a C2 near Virginia Beach, VA. Any suggestions?

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  • Cory Jett

    Worked for me. After months of watching Craigslist I ran across this article. Setup an alert on IFTTT and a few days later got an alert on a C2 model D about 2 miles away from my work. $500 and only 32k meters so I’m pretty happy. Seller also had a rogue power rack, Ohio bar, and 320lb of rogue bumper plates so grabbed that too. Thanks!

  • GerryB

    For years I had been using a trusty Model B (they are really underrated and very suitable for those on a budget) but the seat was wiggly and I started to look for an upgrade. I read this article but couldn’t snag a Model D under $500. Then–18 months ago–I saw a Craigslist listing for a Model D with PM5 (which had just come out) at $850. The price was lowered to $800, and I struck a deal at $725. Only 12,500 meters on it (I’ve added 3 million since then)! If someone buys a Concept2 as a gift, but has misread the wishes of the giftee (as happened here), you can likely pocket the restocking fee for saving someone the trouble of a return. Nothing beats a new machine at a used price!

  • Matt

    I am in Los Angeles. Looking for a concept 2 model D with a PM3 monitor. Let me know if you have one to sell or know of any.


  • TheCurlyFitChic

    Great article. I just set up an IFTTT search for Dallas! Now let’s see how long this takes! 🙂

  • Eric01752

    Awesome article. I have set up IFTTT. I’m looking to purchase a Concept 2 Rower, Model D- PM3, 4 or 5. I live in MA.

  • Ryan

    Excellent read! A couple weeks after reading this I checked my local Craigslist and found a C2 Model C about 30 minutes from my house at a YMCA for $200. I purchased it, and only needed to buy a new LCD for it ($12) and a box frame ($70). For $300 total, it’s in excellent shape for being over 22 years old!

  • Dan

    I just set up a filter and email alert on craigslist and was emailed this morning. Just picked up a concept 2 model D PM3 with 65000 meters (like new) for $200. Patience is your friend

    • Russ

      $200?! Where do you live?

  • Jim

    I also set up cl notifier, got a c2 tower with pm3 for $150, left the notifier enabled and got a second one for $100 (this had been stored in attic in New Orleans so humidity made the pm3 useless).

  • Vooch

    I am selling my C2 model C w/ working PM2. I am original owner. Ergometer is in SoCal – will deliver from OC county line to Downtown SD.

  • Charles

    Everyone mentions these machines measure in meters. I would rather row in feet and yards as I live in the United States, not some commie, globalist-run country where all they measure in is metric. So, does anyone build a rowing machine that measures in English measurements?

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