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Giveaway: Win A Push Prowler From Viper Fitness Equipment!

ViperFit Giveaway

This week The Rx Review is giving you the chance to win a brand new Push Prowler from Viper Fitness Equipment!

Valued at over $250, the black coloured sled is a perfect addition to any CrossFit affiliate or home gym and would also make a great present with Christmas just around the corner.

In addition to the prowler, Viper Fitness Equipment has also supplied us with set of gymnastics rings, and an ‘apparel pack’ to giveaway as runner-up prizes. Here is a closer look at all three prizes up for grabs:

1st Prize – ViperFit Push Prowler (Valued at $285 AUD)

2nd Prize – Wooden Gymnastics Rings (Valued at $90 AUD)

3rd Prize – ViperFit Apparel Pack (Shirt and shorts valued at $65 AUD)

For those who aren’t familiar with Viper Fitness Equipment, they are an Australian online fitness store specialising in high quality Functional Fitness and conditioning equipment. They sell everything from bumper plates, barbells, speed ropes, sandbags, dumbbells, medicine balls, slamballs, kettlebells and almost anything else you can imagine!

This giveaway will be open for the next two weeks with the three winners to be announced in our Weekly News Wrap next fortnight. So make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to win a push prowler.

Due to postal contraints, this Giveaway is only open to readers in Australia and New Zealand.

For your chance to win a push prowler, simply follow the steps below:

Update (12/24/2013) – This Giveaway is now over. The three lucky winners have been announced in this week’s ‘News Wrap’. Click here to find out if you were one of them. Thanks to everyone who entered!

  • kocka91

    Viper training shorts

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  • Is this open to the US?

    • Sorry Philip, due to postal costs this Giveaway is only open to readers in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Tommi

    Viper training shorts

  • Sessy

    Viper hand grips

  • mel holden

    viper ladies singlet

  • Heather

    Bumper plates

  • Cassandra Rolls

    Viper training shorts!

  • kellie

    definitely the flat brim hats!

  • Fleez

    Viper hand grips

  • Nic J

    Viper Training shorts!! Look legit!

  • Will

    Viper training shorts

  • Leon

    Viper Training Shorts

  • Jet

    Viper training shorts

  • Grant

    Got to love the weight vest.

  • Jason


  • Marcel D

    30lb slam balls

  • Jon Ryan

    Viper hand grips. My hands are falling apart.

  • James

    The sled

  • Larissa

    Viperfit push prowler!!!

  • Jodie

    Bumper plates! Bam!

  • Annie

    Hand grips!! For sure!

  • Albags

    Viperfit Push Prowler of course!

  • dylan_t

    Viper training shorts look sick!

  • Rach


  • Ratty

    ViperFit Push Prowler

  • Emily Cooper

    The prowler… and the rings and oh my God the chocolate cupcakes!!

  • Jessica Josh Marek


  • James

    Kettle Bells!

  • Shaun L

    The Prowler.. its why I’m entering the comp!!

  • Connie Stephens

    The prowler!

  • Matt Rogers

    ViperFit Push Prowler

  • Jacob Edgar

    The sled

  • Carah cole


  • David Gonzalez

    100% the prowler!

  • Michael Bernard

    Rings 🙂 !

  • Emma Espino

    The prowler 🙂

  • Jacqueline Hedditch

    Rings – definitely keen to spend some time over Christmas working on ring dips. Then the next step is muscle up progressions. There’s a great tree in my in laws backyard that I think would look great with some rings hanging from it!

  • Mikaila Murphy


  • Michael Griffiths

    The prowler

  • John

    The rings. Take them down the park, throw them over a tree and train, train, train.

  • Gibbo

    The sandbags – real versatile piece of gear for all types of lifts and fitness routines

  • Jess Rogers


  • Nick

    The rings. So versatile 🙂

  • Nick Garden

    Great equipment! Anything will make my day 🙂

  • Corey Blakemore

    Apparrel looks awesome, I love what you have, You should look into a Viper Flat brim that would be pretty sweet 😉

  • RickR

    The hard core Prowler

  • Justin Beaumont

    Love the rings for training the little stabilizing muscles. I plan to put some real work into gymnastic movements this year.

  • Mathias Petersson

    Gotta be the prowler

  • John rybarczyk

    The shorts! It’s a whole new world when you first put high quality shorts on.

  • Ryan Rogers

    Viper prowler for sure!

  • Selena Law

    Can’t go past a good set of rings!

  • Brandon Accardi


  • Kim

    Rings would be nice. Prowler would be amazing!!

  • Matt

    Rings would be the goods I need the practice!!

  • Jason Case

    I would love the prowler, it wouldnt be for me but for the family at the box!!!

  • Blake Nelle

    the Ascend recovery bars!

  • Anthony

    Prowler by far the best, You just gotta love tabata prowler sprints

  • Dan

    30kg weight vest and the prowler

  • Clay


  • Nadzri

    The beast that is the prowler

  • etomita

    The viper prowler

  • sam mueller

    The prowler!!

  • m_curnow

    viper supa speed rope y’all!

  • Chris B

    The t-shirt would go well with that awesome prowler 🙂

  • Alan

    ViperFit Push Prowler

  • craig

    favorite piece of equipment is the slam ball

  • Michael

    Jump rope

  • James

    Would love to own the Viper Supa speed rope looks sweet

  • crossbrit

    my fave would be the weight bar…. gotta start there!

  • Eric Hogan

    The workout shorts.

  • Adrian

    Viper WOD shorts for sure!

  • Ben

    speede rope

  • Khada

    ViperFit Push Prowler, we don’t have one at our gym but they are a great conditioning tool!

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  • Natalie A Browne

    Awesome giveaway

  • Ed

    I like the power sled for sure!

  • Brian Lelli

    Anything that’ll help our gym grow! 🙂

  • Frankie

    If it’s only open to Australia and New Zealand, how are the clients in the United States going to be able to see the quality of the merchandise, yet alone enter the giveaways.?

  • JamesA

    Prowler or the rings:)

  • Andrew


  • jeff c


  • Chris


  • Cindy O

    The prowler would be a truly awesome addition which I would gladly donate to our box for everyone to use but hey…. “I” need to work on my ring dips & muscle ups as well so I could do that one at home if I had rings!! :)))) Great products. The ladies singlet looks awesome!

  • This GIveaway is now over! Thanks to everyone who entered. We will be announcing the winners in next weeks News Wrap!

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