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Giveaway: Win 1 of 3 Mobility Kits from 66fit

66fit Mobility Pack

This weeks prizes

In this day and age we have all been advised how important mobility is. Performing well at a sporting competition is not only dependent on your cardio, weight training and nutrition, but also requires a consistent mobility regime. From extending the hips on an O-lift, to achieving that all desirable ass-to-grass stance on a squat, mobility is king.

While stretching can provide a long and deep range of motion, it’s only one component. You can be as flexible as Flex Wheeler and still wind up tender (in all the right places).

This is where the tools of torture (mobility) play an essential role in slashing muscle soreness, accelerating your recovery, and not to mention cutting down the amount of time you spend complaining about your functional fitness ailments.

66fit Mobility Pack

All the prizes in the mobility pack

That is why the good folks at have provided us with three amazing mobility packs from 66fit to help you relieve your pain.

Valued over $100 this weeks pack pack includes all of the following:

1. TPT Roller Kit that includes two massage balls and mini foam roller inside! (Valued at $58)

2. 66fit Massage Stick (Valued at $31)

3. 66fit Spiky 8cm Massage Balls (Valued at $20) 


Update 14 October 2013. This giveaway is now closed. We will be announcing the winners in this weeks podcast news wrap

  • Dwayne Dimm

    I’d really get some great use out of the 66fit Massage Stick! That will help loosen up those hard and tight spots!

  • JimLimProject

    The message stick looks like it might massage your back even.

  • Kyle Melton

    I like the roller the best. I just started using them three months ago at my CrossFit box. I should win because I’m just getting into the groove of really working it consistently. I’ve been doing CrossFit three days a week and strength training three days a week. Any of these tools would help me get the equipment I need at home and not just at the gym.

  • Jan Bu

    The Massage Stick would work wonders on neck & traps!!! But honestly, all items would be put to use frequently.

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  • gf

    i want the stick so i can smack the clowns that try to use my ball or roller when my backs turned.

  • Crossfitmumma

    OMG this would be awesome, I would probably be the biggest croc at our box, what with arthritis in most of my joints and mobility a daily issue lol, to have this would fix those spots that I am forever trying to stretch, manipulate and move – just to be able to lift. Pick me, pick me PLEASE 🙂

  • Nic J

    Loving the roller! Looks legit!

  • DawnG

    Any one of the products would be appreciated. Our gym has similar products that we all share as members…and, it would nice to be able to use the products in the convenience of my home.

  • Alicia Anthony

    I’d love any of these, but if I had to choose, it’d be the mobility stick.

  • Andrew

    I like the TPT Roller system and would give this to my box since all the members bust their butts everyday and could definitely use some recovery aids

  • Z

    for my husband, he always makes his own self massage equipment, and it’ll be nice to own any of these!

  • Michele

    Roller kit. I’d say because I’m old but age IS just a number…so… w/age comes knowledge, the knowledge that this mobility stuff matters, is important and works. I mobilize at the gym but having something for the home would be great.

  • Kim

    Massage stick is awesome, so easy to transport and use!

  • Beth Roberson

    The roller looks great!! Any would be awesome!!

  • chrissy

    Oh My, my calves would love all three!!! haha

  • amy

    I would enjoy everything but I would like the massage balls the best! I need to work more on my mobility at home and this would be a first step in that direction!

  • Amyl

    The Roller! It will work so much better than the PVC pipe my partner suggests I use.. haha

  • Benny

    The stick because I dont deserve all the massages my wife gives me!

  • AmyLee

    I would love any of them! I only have a smooth foam roller right now!

  • Col Sanders

    I would enjoy everything but I would like the roller the most, i need to work on my mobility daily and the quality of the roller that i have at the moment is nothing compared to that of 66fit

  • Kim

    I’m always in need of a good roll-out! Like an autobot.

  • Jemma ‘Bones’ Woodland

    Massage stick or roller kit 🙂 either would help both my partner and myself with our back mobility issues from work and training!

  • Thinh

    Thinh: TPT roller kit – it can get costly for massages and mobility and flexiblity are important for a better quality of life

  • Leigh smith

    Would love the massage stick. My coach has one and its amazing. If I won I would be able to use all this daily to relieve all my aches and pains from training and to mobilise!

  • Claire – Topend

    Roller kit would be amazing! Tight hip flexors, and previous lower back problem, rolling out my back during the day would do wonders and probably keep muscles in check to be able to double more frequently 🙂

  • Cassie Coleman

    I like the foam roller the best! I could roll on those things for hours 🙂

  • Brian Watts

    I would use this equipment for my clients so they can have better mobility and have more efficient and less painful workouts.

  • Jesse

    The massage stick would be key for me because I can take it on the go and quickly roll out stiff quads, hams, calves, adductors, etc before a workout or as part of my mobility routine. Winning this would add an essential piece to my mobility tool collection!

  • Shaun L

    Roller Kit, an all in one package. Easy to travel with and pack in the gear bag.

  • Warnella

    CrossFit has proven to me that there is never a day when your body is not challenged. It would be nice to jave one of these pieces of equipment to own and do some extended stretching/recovery while at home!

  • Tracy

    I need this because I run marathons and have a bad knee and hip. But I can’t stop running g.

  • Debbie Krienke

    I am both an athlete and a massage therapist. Any of these products would enhance both my performance and the wellbeing of all of my clients!

  • tess snook

    Everything would be amazing! Every WOD leaves me in need of a good massage and some mobility work 🙂

  • Tanya Ainsworth

    It would be awesome to have these products available at home. It would help speed up our recovery each day 🙂

  • Kaley West

    That roller would be amazing, my hamstrings are the only thing that give me a hard time amd all day I am couting down the minutes till I can get to my box and roll out my sore legs, would be nice to have one of my own at home!

  • Len Coonan

    The roller would be the best.

  • Jason Erbacher

    the spiky massage balls look like they would do wonders for my grotty hamstrings which always hold me back on heavy posterior chain work and sprints.

  • Leisa

    relatively new to the crossfit scene, I’ve found that the large foam roller is awesome, am looking at purchasing the smaller spikey roller for use in confined spaces and when I also go to competitions.. the small balls I love due to having plantar facistis and they work wonders for stretching out the muscle in my feet.. Please please pick me to win 1 of the prize packs… thanks 🙂

  • Gareth Chandler

    I want the massage ball cause my right trap is giving me hell at the moment!

  • Julie Kristine

    I love the roller kit and spiky balls! You should pick me because I have been on an incredible paleo/crossfit journey and I wouldn’t have to take lacrosse balls to a stick anymore to get the effects of the roller.

  • Ninja B

    Do I have to choose just one?!?!

  • Mark Logue

    The roller would be awesome.

  • Trace

    Roller, Ball, Stick….I don’t mind, just anything that can help remove knots, tightness and DOMS would be a treat!!! 🙂

  • Scott F.

    We could use a new roller!

  • D.C

    Massage stick works wonders for the traps. I think my clients and my hands could both benefit from this simply yet amazing contraption!

  • mfong29

    The massage stick is awesome on the quads and calves… I am an avid Crossfitter and mobility is so important for improving your range of motion and for lengthening out all muscles! Pick me because I would not only use it for myself but share these great mobility tools with other members at my box!

  • Whitney Eden

    The massage stick!

  • Dan

    Hockey Ball………….More pain more gain!

  • Tatiena

    TPT Roller Kit w/ two massage balls and mini foam roller!

  • Jeni

    TPT roller kit or the spiky ball because I could really use some tortuous mobility tools to relieve some of my pain.

  • Niamh

    I’d love the roller kit and spiky balls so I can tell my coach I do listen to her and really do work on mobility when I leave the gym. Ahem…

  • aleisha

    Would love the massage stick! I have rollers and spikey balls – use them everyday. It’s the life of an endurance runner!

  • Suzanne

    I would love the massage stick – I’m a physio and trying to practice what I preach to others daily. Have a roller and balls, just missing the stick 🙂

  • Josh Belve

    awesome giveaway wish i can win this. excellent tool for post stoke rehab

  • Khada

    I love the look of this whole pack! But the massage stick is extremely beneficial to all, I’ve only ever used it a few times and don’t own one but it has really helped to unknot and mobilise those hard to get to tissues, GREAT with a superfriend!

  • Dave

    The massage balls help me out enormously due to problems I have with mobility after having had a back operation just over a year ago.

  • Tewharerangi Torea or Mr Torea

    I would really love to win all these awesome massage mobility equipments so I can increase that part of my training, plus I’m season injured right now and would be so useful to help me with my rehab & I’ll be able to help my clients with their body mobility as well.

    Thanks I hope I’m blessed enough to be picked it would be certainly good since I’m just about to finish my Cert IV in fitness. Plus I haven’t been able to learn much about Crossfit mobility equipment & their purpose & why their so important and would be good to learn more about them by using them. Cool! May the most worthy person be chosen by god to win the awesome prize pack 🙂

  • Jordan Cripps

    I love all of these products but especially the massage balls! I find they’re great for releasing the tension in the glutes/hamstrings before/after heavy squats. Would make a great addition to my home gym!

  • Kaja

    I really love all awesome massage mobility equipment but foam roller is my favorite. I should win because I really need some massage stuff since I train more than just one a day!

  • Mateo A

    As a student, and a physio student at that, this whole kit is like an (expensive) dream. But most of all I’d say I love the massage balls as they can get in the harder to get areas


    TPT Roller kit with massage balls would be great to win. Not for working on my own muscular imbalances, and becoming a supple leopard, but also for my clients. And show them exactly how important mobility is in being successful in their fitness journeys.

  • Shallan De Los Santos

    I’d love to have my own foam roller, the ones at the box are always taken so quickly! It’d be nice to come home from a nice workout and be able to roll out without someone hovering waiting for it!

  • Emily

    I’m really excited about the roller. I love using them at my box, but I’d really like one to use at home. Also, I’m a poor college kid, so winning one would help my bank account 🙂

  • Abs

    The massage stick would be amazing as I am trying to improve my hip mobility so I can squat like the best of them!

  • Amber

    Lately, the massage balls, and more for my husband than me. He’s had to take a break from training because of serious none spurs and now that he’s started running and lifting again, his calfs tend to get more sore than they ever were. Of course, he’s having to wear bionic ankle braces, so he’s learning how to run all over again. He needs them !

  • Sebastian

    The TPT roller kit, I have many injuries and these have been caused due to poor body maintenance and lack of mobility. I did’t know all this until I started crossfit 2 years ago.

  • Lydia Wilder

    Foam roller and massage balls. I used both all the time and could use a set to travel with!

  • Jamison

    Ohh, the roller kit so that I can keep up with my kids and keep on WODing!

  • I need all the help I can get!

  • Joseph Young

    would love this set.

  • Naomi Fox

    I’d like the mini roller! I use the rollers at my box every chance I get!

  • Miguel Garcia

    The massage stick… I’ve never used one but would like to try it!

  • Heather o

    I’d love them all but I have my eye on the tiger stick

  • Lou

    I need the stick so I can stop using broom sticks and barbells to roll out my muscles 🙂

  • Aaron

    Roller Kit! use one at the gym but dont have one at home… I need ot be rolled out!!!!! hahah

  • Sian Broekman

    TThe roller, or the Massage Balls, I can’t do the amount of wods i want due to stiffnes of the musscles so i hope this will help!

  • Daniel Davis

    The roller kit or the massage stick. Ive already got a set of lacrosse balls, spikey balls and a power band at home, so those 2 items would complete my mobility gear setup

  • Jacob Marquardt

    The roller kit would be heaven! My calves are always tight and this would be the best thing for them! DOMS are the worst (but the best) and this would be perfect to reduce the severity and allow for more WODS to be done! 🙂

  • Deb

    All of it! At my age it’s either use these or get a zimmer frame…..

  • Justin Beaumont

    The mini roller, I need one for the car! Be foam rollin’ on my lunch break gettin’ looks.

  • anarose

    The TPT Roller Kit would be my fave to win because my feet are always a sore spot that these tools will help with!

  • Maureen

    The only one I have is a rumble roller, but mine is one of the big ones and hard to take places, but I love it. My fiance and I are pretty broke, but make our fitness and wellness number one, so these would be perfect for keeping ourselves in one piece. 🙂

  • Jason Dimaio

    Spiky massage balls, as I’ve been recovering some surgery, and my whole body will take a long to get back to athletic shape. Any help I can get would be nice.

  • Jayme Ball

    I like the idea of all of it. Between CrossFit and training for a 50k, I have a lot of sore muscles that need help. I only have lacrosse balls and could definitely use the foam roller and spiky ball additions… and that massage stick… I have particular issues with my calves and solei that could help me with.

  • Simon

    TPT roller kit for sure. My lower back is giving me a fair bit of grief following the amount of squats we’ve been doing in CF of late. Heavy 20 reps are not a lot of fun to start with, but knowing a good roller session is available afterwards might help!

  • Austin Braham

    The spiky massage balls. I am currently training other college students out of my dorm room so that I can share my love fro CrossFit and to get experience so that I can open my own box one day. I am also i the process of starting a CrossFit club at my University. if you pick me I will be able to recommend you to hundreds of dedicated and strong college students.

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  • ian birdwell

    I’d like… Love the stick. I’m old and I gotta stay loose.

  • Joseph Young


  • The giveaway is now closed. Thanks to everyone that enter. Make sure you check out this weeks podcast to see if you are one of the lucky winners!

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  • We have annoucned the winners of this giveaway here:

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