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Contributors are a collection of writers that share their thoughts and opinions on all things CrossFit.

  • StayFit travel’s Tour Packages to the CrossFit Games!

    Perfect your snatch in paradise. Take your asana to distant shores. Satisfy your soul’s wanderlust without sacrificing your well-being, with StayFit...

    NEWSContributorApril 23, 2013
  • Review: SPUN Wrist Wraps

    This week we take a closer look at a pair of wrist wraps from SPUN Performance. Item: SPUN Wrist Wraps Price: $20...

    REVIEWSContributorNovember 30, 2012
  • Review: iWOD Apparel

    This week we take a closer look at another functional fitness clothing brand, iWOD Apparel. Item: iWOD Apparel Price: $15-$25 USD a shirt...

    REVIEWSContributorOctober 2, 2012
  • How CrossFit Helped Solve My Perfect Illusion

    This article has been temporarily unpublished 

    NEWSContributorSeptember 3, 2012
  • Review: Spun Performance Compression Shorts

    Being a CrossFitter in Canada, keeping my muscles warm before and during a workout is essential. I had been searching for...

    REVIEWSContributorSeptember 3, 2012
  • Review: Datsusara Light Gear Bag

    This week, we take a moment to review the Datsusara Light Gear Bag. Item: Datsusara Light Gear Bag Price: $100 USD  Manufacturer: DSGear Purchase:

    REVIEWSContributorJuly 23, 2012
  • Live Blogging: Womens ‘Girls’ Workout

    Welcome to The Rx Review’s LIVE BLOGGING of the women’s ‘ladies’ event at the 2012 CrossFit Games. This is the final...

    CROSSFIT GAMESContributorJuly 16, 2012
  • Oliver Smith: My CrossFit Story

    To me, CrossFit is a superior strength and conditioning protocol, one that has taken me to new heights I never dreamed...

    NEWSContributorJune 29, 2012

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