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6 Random YouTube Videos

It’s the weekend so you know what time it is. Yes, our weekly selection of YouTubes finest videos. Enjoy

Nebraska Wrestling Preseason Workout

Man tries to take an ice bath

New Zealand Rugby All Blacks O-lifting

Doing 41 push-ups in 30-seconds

Women shows off gymnastic skills and strength

Exact moment a boy realises there is more to life than chocolate

  • Philip


  • i literally LOL’d at the ice bath one

  • another good set of videos

  • afto

    plz keep posting these, ha. not sure where are getting all this goodness

  • Ice bath one is hilarious.

  • for the one finger push ups, i wonder what the standards are for a push up that the Guinness book of world records holds them accountable to? either way it was still impressive!

  • love the kid’s look in the last video

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